How to Exercise for getting tech business ideas

Exercise for getting tech business ideas

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February 28, 2020

Video Transcription – Now I know that it might be a little bit annoying to hear from me saying oh look at what's gonna happen tomorrow without actually telling you what's gonna happen tomorrow because you'll be like well thanks great but what what is good what is what are those things going to be and so your homework is your exercise is to start looking into what's coming around the corner for tomorrow and I'm gonna give you some free ideas of general areas to look into but don't just settle for that settle for try to find something better okay try to keep looking because actually the reason I'm giving you these industries is because there may be a little bit even too easy to get into or too easy to come up with so I just want you to think a little harder than these so some examples are machine learning and artificial intelligence are we all gonna like sort of like get controlled by robots one day that whole thing then robotics I don't know if that's even a thing for tomorrow maybe that's a thing of the past already who knows augmented reality and virtual reality those are very cool interesting places to look into self-driving cars obviously they're software for that drones 3d printing cryptocurrencies a lot of stuff happening these are this is just a small sample and my homework for you my exercise for you is please come up with five of your own and you know when you start thinking creatively five might be small five might be you might come up with five very easily why don't you come up with ten and then you know if you still on a roll try to come up with more there's no limit five is just the bottom limit of my sort of homework for you to come up with and you know then you sort of try to pick your favorites out of that it's something you'd actually be curious enough pursuing and then why not start pursuing the best way is to start watching YouTube videos on that topic it's really easy next time you go somewhere for a walk or a drive find YouTube videos around it start getting a little deeper into it try to think of like okay is there a platform that can be made on top of this is an app that can be made for this is there something so you start combining creatively like different spaces right so drones and apps and 3d printing and apps or maybe not apps maybe some kind of 3d printing for businesses who know so you start giving yourself these like combinations of things and that's where real creativity comes from is combinations of two unlike fields right like for example the you know this is actually a good example for technical people but many people know about that Dilbert cartoon and it's about this you know kind of like a comical cartoon about this nerd programmer but the founder of this cartoon the creator he when he talks about himself he said well like he wasn't good at humor he wasn't the best comedian and he wasn't the best cartoonist but he kind of made these funny cartoons and then um so he's not the best illustrator not the best comedian but the combination of them did the trick for him so he tried to combine things so for you try to combine that types of businesses we covered and the industries that I'm sort of suggesting to you and that you're gonna combine with and that's an problem points in eh and because they're all new there's gonna be a lot of problem points in each there's gonna be a lot of room to explore a lot of changes happening and you can always innovate in them so that's gonna give you a lot to process and to start thinking about it and this is a good space to be in if you're thinking of what's a cool new idea for tomorrow that this mix mix I'm gonna call it this mixology of uh this these are these little things those industries and that types of businesses is exactly where it's a really ripe and green pasture to build a business in .

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