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February 28, 2020

Video Transcription – Because marketing is really all about understanding as much as possible about your ideal customer and then using that information to best reach them and best communicate with them in a way that speaks to them and works for them you have to understand them deeply and so in this video let's I want to really talk about demographics and psychographics I know that we've talked about it before very briefly and I'm promised to get back to it more seriously so here we are I have my promise so we're going to do a couple of examples different examples than the last examples so we're gonna start with residential cleaning business and then we're going to do a Productivity app and then we're going to do your own ok so let's do that i pre-made these for you and we're gonna go over them and you'll see how I do mine so that you'll do yours more easily ok so let's get started if it's every the residential home cleaning business ok what do you know they're very likely a home owner of course they could also rent but you like a home owner they've like more likely than not a pet owner because they have the heavy duty cleaning that they cannot do on their own it could be a family because they maybe have a lot of people or it could be a single person maybe a single male single female who's just lazy and very likely to work in professional it's a middle-class professional high education because education typically correlates to they're making enough money to afford this and you'll see that there's actually a couple of different personas here it's either single busy professional or a family and they fit well together so a single busy professional would be the person with the apartment and the family would be the homeowners and maybe the pet owners more likely so you got two kinds of personas here and that's actually ok in many businesses there are few types of personas and it's important to identify that so you can say hey we have two types of people who are we gonna prioritize and then you make different marketing strategies and materi for both of them and you can look into well maybe if single in professionals are spending less because they have small apartments hmm maybe it's less of a priority maybe you want to focus on family homes and so you see how you can start to narrow down and curate because maybe even though you have two personas it could be that 80% of the revenue here is from home owners who have bigger spaces which means bigger you know cleaning jobs and which means bit more revenue for you and more and it's on a more regular basis if they have pets if they have kids they need more stuff to clean more often more money so maybe just focus on them see how easy and logical it becomes now those are the demographics okay don't think these are things you can measure now there's things you cannot measure but you still know and the more of these you understand the more you'll also get to get closer to your customers so for a person like me like a busy professional oh yeah I am pretty lazy I don't like cleaning and my absent-minded I don't want to say that about myself but you know like I can't be because sometimes I'm so busy with work that some things like cleaning I do fall behind now on the other hand I've known many people who are tidy and organized and that's why they get the help cleaning so you see you gotta separate these people and then decide who are you going for with your branding with your marketing material that's all gonna come next but you see what you you have to understand deeper but more about them right and you see how far we are now from anyone right it's not anyone look how you know we're getting deeper and we can go way deeper once you start doing the jobs for the customers and once you start talking to them you'll see how much more deeply you can get to understand them and what drives them now then sometimes also here I have a bullet point maybe there's they have a thing happening maybe they have out out-of-town visitors or they're preparing for an event so it could be something for that which will give you a holiday special discount okay you have an extra way to promote uh-huh so the more you understand them the more you can promote now a very different example productivity app so what do we know about apps well generally speaking even though anyone can use it it's mostly for young people and it's often I would for most apps I'd say like under 30 but you know because productivity apps are like professional apps I'd say under 40 okay and I've kind of understand they're professionals and because they're doing business on that you know on the apps they're not high spenders it's not like they're buying software you know because usually the spending on apps is you know free or $0.99 or under $5 and we know that they are all over the world ok these are things that we can more or less measure things we cannot measure is you know they may be interested in personal development they probably busy which is why they're doing stuff on their phone they're probably intelligent because they're into productivity and they're into these kinds of topics which does signal a certain amount of Education or intelligence level because people just don't roll out of bed and be like I want to get our productivity app it's usually for most people to get it is usually from some professional need or something in their professional life pushes them towards it and also because it's on the phone we know that they're busy and they need things to be easy for them to do because they're on the phone they only type they're only typing with two thumbs and we got to make it easy to use so that the productivity app okay now what about your product your exercises create these for your product for your business and again post them in the course and if you post them in you know don't write novel but just post a brief thing I'll be able to give you feedback on it and we're gonna try to maybe brainstorm like hey is this good is this is this right as it's not right and then we'll see if you got your demographics psychographics correctly or if they you have a little bit more work to do around it and of course if you think back on Steve blanks customer development and even Eric Reese's Lean Startup you get to talk to your customers which helps you actually really understand your customers demographics and psychographics you see so they these things really sync up they all make sense together they're not random they're for certain purpose so please now list your demographics and psychographics for your business.

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