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Your WHY, ways in which this will take you to the next level & examples I'll use

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February 28, 2020

Video Transcription – In this video we're gonna explore your why why you're getting into the business side of tech and we're gonna go over some common types of business very slightly and then we're gonna give you a tiny bit of an exercise so there are different motivators for getting into this you can make more money as an SEO as a CEO or a founder then you might make as an engineer in terms of potential you might just want freedom on your freedom to work on your project and you want to break out of the nine-to-five job maybe you want a different intellectual challenge because you've I know you're good at problem-solving but maybe you want to think about business and how do you know because business sometimes you know it moves the world around you know different business situations they create changes in the global structures and things like that so maybe just want bigger challenges to work on that's a neat thing and maybe sometimes you just don't want to get left behind in marketing conversations if your friends are like I have a business idea and they're like I'll go promoted Instagram go promote it on Facebook and you feel like you don't really know you can't add to that conversation you feel a little bit of like low confidence maybe this course will definitely help you with that and you may be just actually have a unique your own unique idea that you want to turn into a business and you don't know how and this is really the place where it's a good place to start now if I didn't get your motivator please make a comment in the comment section of this course in the conversation comment area of this course and let me know so that I can address I can improve the course and I can address your situation now there are a few types of common things people build engineers build games game apps sometimes engineers want to just get a freelancing business going sometimes they want to teach engineering that's really popular online or sometimes you build some beauty be software or b2c software that you don't know how to get people to start using it if you and I'll use I'll throughout the course I'll give examples of doing things for such businesses but if it's not one of you if this is if these are not your business please also comment in the discussion area of the course and let me know so I can cover that in future videos when I update the course and I do update my courses often so I will take note and I will make sure that the course does satisfy you and of course if Mike the course doesn't satisfy your unique situation now making a comment in the course area that the course discussion area is the best place for me to so I can come in and I can actually say hey for your specific business here are my suggestions here's what's important so that is how that's what I really would like you to do as your exercise is if I didn't hit your motivator or if I didn't hit your reason why you know that the kind of business that you want to start please that your first exercise is to actually just comment in the course so that I can know how do we improve the course for you and future students.

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