Section introduction: Tracking your social media

Section introduction: Tracking your social media and influencer marketing

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: With this video I'm gonna start a section of the course that's gonna talk about influencer marketing tracking so listen this is not going to be about how to hire influencers whether it's effective but it's gonna be about how do you tell if it's effective once you get someone this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and it's really gonna be about tracking any outside promotion so let's say you're promoting something on Amazon how do you tell that that promotion anything some Twitter promotion or something from YouTube or something from Instagram you you don't get denna lytx you don't know how many people clicked on your links Amazon doesn't really tell you and Instagram or Twitter doesn't particularly tell you so you need some way to tell and what I'm gonna be showing you is something you can use to track your promotions on social media and any kind of influence or you hire and I'm gonna be showing you how to promote in a way that actually helps your Amazon ranking and you're gonna get more information about your users and maybe most importantly you're going to be able to retarget people who clicked on your promotion even if they didn't come to your website traditionally you're able to run retargeting ads to people who have come to your website retargeting ads if you're not familiar these are the ads that follow people around the web and they are effective because they target people who are warm leads who already have been to your site who already know about you but with this strategy we're gonna be able to target people who are warm leads that actually never came to your website they may have seen some twitter promotion clicked on it went right to amazon bypassed your site and so otherwise you would not be able to retarget them but now you will be able to retarget them so I hope you're excited this is going to be kind of cool information that not a lot of people do so I don't like to use the terms intermediate-advanced but this is not gonna be beginner this is gonna be a slightly next step of tracking your social media promotions of your and again your promotions and influence of emotions.

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