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Importance Of Tracking Amazon Links

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription:  So if we take this URL from our product page and we copy it and I'm just gonna put it in a Word document and make it bigger so you can see this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy you can tell about it that you see it has this keyword equals fundraising meet which means that I came to that landing page by searching fundraising and navigating all the search results and clicking on that and that's gonna help us rank higher in Amazon search so the first mistake that people make is not using URL like that to influence search result you already know about this now I'm gonna talk about the second mistake that people make and the second mistake is actually using this URL in let's call it like a naked form what I mean by that is when you promote this URL let's say you promote it on YouTube or Twitter or some influence and promotes that they link to this URL for example and it does help your ranking for fundraising but you miss out on a lot of additional benefits so what this video is really about is why you cannot promote that naked URL and what you should do instead the major problem is that we have no knowledge of what happens to that URL if it's used as is we don't know the demographics or psychographics this is just basic information about the people who click on the urls we don't know how many people click on the URL we have no analytics of almost any kind that we can find and we cannot retarget those people now a lot of times you know that if a customer clicks on your product on Amazon and does not buy Amazon runs retargeting ads to bring them back essentially they're running your ads for you on your behalf and still they try to sell your product for you and most people are fine relying on that ensure it's fine for what it is Amazon does bring you extra sales with their retargeting ad great but we cannot rely on Amazon retargeting alone why not this is really understand almost nobody really thinks through this Amazon only drives its own sales not necessarily more sales of your products but maybe sales of your competitive products because on your sales page on the very sales page of your product guess what's there they have a listings of people who like other products people who like similar products people who also bought this very often a lot of people buy those other products and not yours you never actually know about this you assume that yeah they just try to sell my product but a large percentage of the sales of their retargeting ads is for your competitors because they don't care they Amazon still makes money and you don't know what happened and nobody really sees this and nobody can really have this information because this is only private information to Amazon only Amazon employees can have access to that so sellers like us we don't know that this happens but a large percentage of people who are retargeting by Amazon or who come to our page actually do not buy our product again Amazon doesn't care what they buy and so we have to wrestle back some control over this how do we do that we have to run our own retargeting ads and we have to mask our URL in an intelligent way which I'll be showing you when you mask your URL you immediately get access to analytics and you can sell more of your own products let's say you have more than one listing all on Amazon well you can drive people to more of your listings not competitive listings you can run ads specifically to get asked for reviews possibly you can build also very importantly a what's called a custom audience and we're gonna be talking about this more and this is a profile that is built up over time that can be used on like Facebook so for example let's say you have a hundred buyers or 200 buyers it's good but it's somewhat of a relatively small sample set but once you build a profile with those extra analytics that you'll get from masking the link and from building your own links from that activity you will be able to build this custom audience and you'll get to know what is exactly the type of perfect buyer for you then you can import that into Facebook ads and then Facebook ads obviously we'll have access to millions of other people who are very very very similar to the people who've already bought from you and then when you run Facebook ads they're not random Facebook ads their ads to people who are really really really accurately targeted because you've built this custom audience based on your previous successful activity through your link that you can track so I know this counts I know this is a little complicated I know I'm throwing a lot at you now we're gonna be exploring this in more detail but this is really the professional way to promote products Amazon products outside of Amazon because after our custom audience is built and it's accurate we're gonna target millions of similar people with ads that have a far higher chance of being profitable ads than if you just run cold Facebook ads randomly like most people do.

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