How to Use One of the Most POWERFUL Super URLs in Pixelfy

More powerful URLs you can use with Pixelfy

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to show you a couple of pretty cool things you can do specifically with pixel fight to track Amazon this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy if you click on create tracking link you see that it's a little confusing there is like different links you can do so I'll actually show you some cool links you can create so look this supreme 2.0 URL click that and you'll see that it's gonna give us a few options first of all you can enter your own Amazon affiliate ID so if somebody promotes you you can collect the Amazon affiliate Commission for yourself and make money if you sell that product too right so you can do it both ways so the link will incorporate your affiliate ID and you can enter your Asin right into it as well so it's and you can enter the keyword that you want to target so you know if I wanted target keywords like fundraising I would put it here like this and the URL would have it so this is something that it gives you this is just basically a more powerful way to create Amazon promotion links that actually can make you more money if your Amazon affiliate ID is used or if you use an influencer and that influencer has an Amazon account then you can incentivize them because hey they can actually make more money if they use their Amazon affiliate ID right here so that's something you can do now another option you have is if I say create tracking link again the other option is URL rotator so for example let's give it let's say you give it to an influencer and they drive a lot of traffic well if it looks like they're from they're using one keyword to promote that product one search keyword that's entered into URL maybe that's not good so a better way is to give it like a few different keywords so it was if you reuse that example of the fundraising book one keyword can be fundraising another keyword can be fundraising ideas another keyword can be fundraising ideas for a nonprofit or nonprofit fundraising so that way it looks more natural when it looks like people are coming from different searches to that page so you see this one is basically generate a unique link that allows you to route visitors to different landing pages so it can be the same product just put different URLs and the promotion is gonna look more natural so there are some really cool things you can do by playing around with the types of URLs that you get here but these are the cool ones that I suggest you use in your campaigns.   

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