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Running profitable ads off Amazon + getting Amazon to run/pay for ads for you!

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I'm gonna give you a few amazing strategies for Twitter marketing that to be honest even surprised me because this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy I didn't think that Twitter was gonna be that effective until I tried it and I'll show you a lot of things how do I get people to tweet you but that's a minor thing but what I also show you is how to run ads in a profitable effective way from Twitter surprisingly of all places I know I was surprised by this too and the coolest thing is how to get then Amazon to run ads on your behalf and pay for your ads so there's a lot that's gonna happen in this video first of all a very tiny tip I woke up this morning and I was like oh somebody mentioned me on Twitter what's going on I don't know this person you see Edgard oh god oh don't know them never talk to them you see I don't follow them but they tweeted a quotable from my book this is actually a reader from my book and I have a quotable I have a takeaway from my book so if you have a non-fiction book you can have takeaways look what I did right away or my guy i liked it and i retweeted it so i promoted them but also you see they don't have a big following they only have like 200 followers but they're like a real human person surely they have friends who can really see my book and maybe they click on my books but that's cool but that's not what i actually wanted to show you that's just something cool that happen so what i actually want to show you is twitter ads look how cool i'm gonna show you an ad that i'm running and this is right now you see i'm running an ad it's an ad to promote a tweet that and that we've promotes my book take a look i'm gonna scroll here and make it a little bigger for you so you can see and what's gonna happen is i've got for this ad spend $64 i got over 2,000 clicks and it cost me 3 cents per click now I know what you're thinking you're thinking alex is getting bad traffic no this is some of the best traffic you can possibly get I'm targeting United States traffic business audience traffic who already buys online this is some of the best traffic you can get on Facebook you might be paying $1.00 per click here because Twitter is apparently so uncompetitive with the ads it's three cents it's incredible and I'm actually generating sales from the book I'm promoting my book and I'm happy with this ad and I keep running this ad so how do you set it up for your case in your case you go create campaign for me I got this pop-up because I'm in the middle of a setting up a different campaign and I didn't want to so I really want to start start over and for me what I want to do website clicks and conversions I'm gonna make this a little smaller so it all fits into the screen and here obviously you want to set your budget let's say you want to start with a ten dollar budget but really if you have a fifty dollar budget a day or something like that it's better just don't stress your budget that's the worst thing but make sure that you don't break the bank but also make sure that you are able to run this ad as a full experiment everything else here we don't really care we go next the important part on this screen this is ad groups the important part here is I would recommend that you set a maximum bid you can bid something like ten cents and it's not gonna bid the maximum it might bid smaller amounts but it's just not gonna go over this amount and of course you see on the right it's strangely saying that you should bid like a dollar seventy three to seven dollars I mean that's crazy because it is just incorrect relic here I don't even know what's going on with that recommendation because you saw I'm getting three cents per click so then you go next and the most important part of this whole ad set up is this screen and this screen is precisely where you identify your exact audience and the rule of thumb is that you want to have a very narrow audience of people who will absolutely love what you ever you are promoting not people who you'd like to get your book not people who may be good to have know this is the number one audience you have they're gonna be the ones buying as I'm setting this up the important part of the screen is of course demographics you wanna give an age range some genres are male centric some genres of books are female centric you wanna identify that and you want to pick it also age range younger people they tend to watch more video and they tend to spend less so what I would do is target slightly older demographics not too old you know because my audience is business audience so maybe like twenty five to fifty four that's a big range so I've even go like thirty five to forty nine maybe like this again if somebody is fifty years old they're not gonna see my ad I'd love for them to see my ad I love where I'd love for them to buy my book but maybe they're just not perfect perfect perfect audience they're just good audience but I want perfect perfect because if you don't get perfect perfect they're not gonna buy as readily and then your ads are not gonna be as profitable also you're not gonna get as cheap ad clicks because this ad started out at like eight or seven cents and then Twitter saw that the people are really engaging with this app and so it showed it to more people who are ripe for specifically this ad so the other things that are interesting here our audience features if you click on all it's gonna give you what you can choose and I recommend browsing through them if this was a Twitter ads course I'd like spend a long time on it but this isn't that so I'll let you do this the interesting thing here is you can choose different interests and behavior and behaviors but the unique thing here is this keywords where you can actually like if somebody if my book is a business plan book and somebody's talking about business plan I can add that as my ad my Anna's gonna get shown to anybody who's talking about a business plan now this could be people like me who are promoting business planning products but it could be also people who are starting a business so keywords related to starting a business are really interesting because I'm hitting people exactly when they are thinking about planning a business starting a business stuff like that and there's more settings here that are interesting for example retargeting people who saw and engaged with your past tweets of course these are warmer leads because this is good the thing is what I would recommend to do is set up five different ads or a few different ads not necessarily five and each ad would target a very small sliver of your targeting so one ad will just go to P who talked about business plan another ad would just go to people who are already like retargeting people who saw your tweets that way you'll be able to determine which ad is working and some ads will not work some targeting will not work I've played around with this before and some things I just wasted money but this particular ad does have the book it did work so for example if you do choose you're targeting the next thing you do is you choose which tweet to promote so for example that's the tweet that I am promoting with that like a tweet that's promoting my book and you see I've got this business plan tweet and I've got a link to my Amazon and I've got the hashtag entrepreneurship business plan when people are clicking on this each click is 3 cents that's to exactly the right audience that I chose so this is really powerful and what's gonna happen is what if a person comes to your Amazon listing and doesn't buy did you just waste that 3 cents no what happens is everybody who visited Amazon product pages and people who clicked on your ad they will have visited Amazon product pages Amazon begins running retargeting ads they're paying for those ads Amazon starts retargeting with Facebook Ads with Google ads and they start trying to bring that potential buyer back to Amazon so that the Amazon can finish that sale so even if that person doesn't buy the person who comes from Twitter if even if they don't buy right away for maybe a few days or seven days however long Amazon runs that retargeting ad Amazon is gonna pay for ads to bring back the people who have already visited your sales page and guess what that's gonna do that's going to eventually get your sales longer-term slightly and it's gonna boost your overall sales and guess what that's gonna do that's gonna get you more reviews higher rankings in Amazon all that so this strategy is not necessarily itself to make money and while it can make money on its own the really amazing thing is that it boosts your search standing on Amazon and then your Amazon listing starts to climb up the search gets recommended more and all those amazing things but to happen and this is a really cheap way to expedite all of that.

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