How to integrate Pixelfy with Twitter ads

Integrating Pixelfy with Twitter ads

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video we're gonna work with Twitter ads to create your Twitter conversion pixel this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy now you can then use to remark it to audiences so I'm gonna go to my profile Twitter ads and by the way sometimes they change the layout sometimes on different screen sizes different things are shown and restructured on the page so sometimes the usability might change but at the same time essentially the usability pattern is gonna remain the same so you could click on Twitter ads and by the way this is blurry at any time I do film this in HD if it's blurry it's likely an issue with your either your video player settings or internet connection so then I'm in my ads and I go to tools and then pull down conversion tracking and then I say create a new one and I'm going to give it a name then you choose type of conversion like a website visit purchase download maybe for an app an email signup or a custom let's say in our case is gonna be a site visit leave this one as is and then you're all contains and in the URL I'm gonna give it my Amazon URL of the Amazon product and I'm just gonna delete a few parameters and leave the keyword fundraising and I'm gonna save that conversion event and it's going to give me this code I'm gonna save this code copy I'm gonna copy that then I'm going to take it into the pixel fie account and then when you are creating your tracking code instead of Facebook obviously you choose Twitter in this case you paste that in here and then you add the code and you just add the code name so the code name would be something like Twitter pixel for the fundraising book then you click Add code and this code has been created now we're back on Twitter ads and we say return to the conversion tracking and you see it says unverified and if we press the question mark you will say that it hasn't seen any data for your website your tank will be verified the first time a person takes a conversion action to the webpage where it's embedded so what you do is you go and use that link so in pixel file you create a new link under tracking links you start create a link for simplicity we're just gonna create a select tracking link and it's gonna say test 1 then we're gonna enter our fundraising book link tracking codes see we can choose this pixel now we're gonna choose that and then we're gonna hide the URL and then it's gonna be a part of that fundraising book campaign and that's gonna show as the pixel of meat the URL is going to show as pixel me that's fine for now and then we're gonna create a tracking link this is our link we're gonna copy we're gonna go to this in the browser I entered in the I entered it into the browser obviously it went to the page of my book which is fine then I'm gonna go back into Twitter and when i refresh Twitter it should say verified it might take a little time now this unverified code should come back as verified a little layer it might not happen immediately but it will turn into verified and once it's verified whoever clicks on that link that you created in fixify the masked link you're gonna be whenever they come to Twitter you're gonna be able to serve them ads and retarget them and remind them hey come back and buy the product.   

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