How to get good reviews from your product listing

Getting good reviews from your product listing

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription:  In this video let's talk about what you can do on your product page listing in order to improve your reviews this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy there's a couple of options start with support you can create support even for products that don't typically have support like books they usually don't have support but of course you can add support for example like email us for you know if you see any correction suggestions or anything or it doesn't have to be email but contact us for you know offer some some way for them to reach out to you and of course if you have a physical product you should definitely offer support option so that people have a place to go of they say their item breaks or some other unexpected thing happens so that you can immediately jump in because what what's gonna happen is if they are unhappy they're gonna go to your product listing to leave a review and they might notice Oh instead of leaving your review I can ask for help and get help because they no one actually wants to damage you or leave a bad review what they really want is just to get the benefit of your product which you promised to give them in the first place so if you can provide that or replace the product or anything else they're not gonna leave you the bad reviews so having the support option reverses the bad review in many cases and by the way you'll never know this you'll just you'll just not get the bad reviews as you would have okay so it's not like they will tell you oh I was gonna leave a bad review but you know usually they do it and in anonymity so this way at least this does work you just won't be able to track or measure it very much of course when you do help them the email they contact you for help you have to go above and beyond you can't just provide the typical help because they're already frustrated so they're starting not from a neutral place they're starting from a negative place and you have to turn them from a frustrated person to somebody whose frustrations are relieved and then who's helped and they're on their way because then they get ecstatic and excited because then that's when remember the ecstatic and excited they really like the help that's when you ask the review and you stop the bad reviews and turn them into five stars that makes a tremendous difference in your overall star rating imagine if your four stars write one star rating will bring you below four stars but a five star rating that you could have been a one star rating gets you above four stars so it's like double the reviews okay it's not just it's not just now it's not just reversing the one star it's actually making the one star an extra five star so that's the one thing you can do and another thing that is a really common thing that people never think is gonna happen to them but it was really really common is when the customers expectation is different than the products provided and I know of course you think that that I wouldn't be the case for you but I've seen it over and over and over because you try to write the marketing text in a really creative way you try to position the product really cool you try to do your SEO keyword research and and have the product have good SEO keywords and then that actually all impacts the text the copywriting on your product page and people might not immediately then might not get that hey they might not understand exactly what the product is for they might misunderstand and when there's a misunderstanding that's the fastest way to for them to be frustrated with what they get if they get what they expect they're fine if they get with these something different than they expect they're frustrated frustrated means bad review so for you make sure you don't over promise make sure you explain very clearly in the title in the description exactly what they get exactly in the photos they have to get exactly that by itself will help you stay even if your product isn't that good but like they know what they're getting it still will be that's better than if you over-promised okay because what we're promising leads to bad reviews so make sure they ain't getting exactly and I can't this this literally is like years of me making products seeing my clients product and this is the number one factor of you know unless your product is really really bad but that misunderstanding of the expectations versus what you wrote is one of the most common factors in bad reviews so and and I fall into this myself because again it's so easy to overwrite the description change it many times that I ll get the keywords and then before you know it without even realizing that's the danger of this that's a real danger because you don't even realize you've written something that doesn't completely fit what they're getting so make sure you don't have that happen and you should do fine and your product listing will align you well to get your good reviews.   

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