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What I did to become a 3-time bestseller & generate spikes of book sales Part 02

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription : Um I did that for my book on how to start a business I did that for my book on the mobile app book you know and it really helped me and it got me extra downloads you should do the same thing and what you do with these is basically this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy these are already people you know you're friendly with them maybe they're your friends and ask them for help and offer them help whenever they are promoting anything in return right so you should help them back as well right so that's something you can do in my case this worked well you know in your case just make sure that again give them enough time to plan it into their promotion schedule and you know she sees how they can help you usually it's good to get on their email list Twitter or Facebook not so great but kind of okay you want to also use the Kindle promotion websites that you have in this course now in this in this course there's also one of the lecturers is a huge list of Kindle promotion books list of websites where you can promote the Kindle books you've gotta use that list I used a lot of those websites with really nice effect what I also did after that I asked my Facebook friends basically I needed book downloads right I needed Kindle downloads so I private message to people on my Facebook on my Gmail contacts things like that and I got help with them from my friends and they all got a book and that also helps to accelerate my sales and what you want to do is have all these strategies do them in a very short time window if you have more than one book what you can do is make one book free on that same day and within that first maybe few pages say that you will have a book promotion for your other book on such and such date and you might even want to give the free book away maybe a week in advance or something so that people will kind of knowledge to look at a certain date to look at your book that has the free / $0.99 promotion right so you want to use the free book and you can do the free Kindle five-day promotions you can use that to make it free for just a short time and then get a lot of people who download it and then tell those people to you know to get your other promotion when it's gonna be $0.99 that might work you know with not sure what the results would be like but again anything you do helps and so what were my results three of my books became bestsellers two of them became bestsellers really quickly in their categories they only needed about 25 to 50 downloads one route was really tough and that wasn't the marketing category and I had to jump over one really famous author and it took me like 138 downloads in a very short amount of time so let me show you how that worked you see these are my books hell's actually these are my total book sales so on this date May 6th I sold almost 200 books and the next day I sold 147 books right and if you look at this is the chart for the book which was the most challenging to sell right the most challenging to jump to this is only you see this screen shows all my books it says see all titles and this chart shows my marketing book which is the book which was the hardest to make bestseller and see the first day I sold 45 units of this book it wasn't enough and I had to really press the gas on it and just that book I had to sell 93 units of it the next day and that's when it became in the evening of that day it became a best-seller and I stopped promoting my job was done but I really had to sell over two days a lot of books right 148 books to get there and it was very hard as you can imagine it's very hard for the end for an independent publisher writer like my like you are to sell so many books right I mean all together in these two days see I have and one day was 196 and the other day was 147 that's a lot of books right I mean that's really tough to do and I had to really be creative and you can see I used all the strategies that I mentioned just now I did all that and I still had to you know when I finished what went through them like I mentioned the first two books quickly became bestsellers so in a way I had already become a best-seller but to get that third book to become a best-seller it was tough and I really had to pull out all the stops and I literally was messaging all my friends on Facebook like hey again this book and I was hustling and I was going through every Facebook group I was reaching out to every person I know and I had literally it was so stressful I had like literally maybe four or five-six message windows open at the same time and people were like messaging me yes nowhere can I get the book you know and I was like going from browser to browser to browser to browser to browser and just trying to get sale sale sale sale sale itself and you know it was tough because by this time by the second day I had exhausted all the strategies that I had a pre-planned right so I had to like scrape the bottom of the barrel scrape scrape scrape and me finally hit my the third book hit bestseller and I was so relieved and was so happy and that was my two days it was an insane two days we took a lot of preparation but I did it and now I can always say I'm a three-time I was one bestseller which is a kind of people get surprisingly impressed when you tell them that so I guess that's nice anyway so that's how you do it those are the tricks these are the strategies that I used you can see how many books I sold you can sell more if you are more creative than I am and I encourage you to be more creative than I am and try strategies and a few if you find some cool strategies that might work that it didn't work for me that I didn't try to send me a message maybe I'll incorporate it into the next time I promote my books.

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