How to create author page that will boost your sales

Creating an author page that will boost your sales and your online branding

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March 04, 2021

Video Transcription: When people are looking at your book listing and when they're deciding whether they should buy your book or not this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy they are often going to click on your profile and they're gonna use that profile to help them determine whether they should buy your book so in this video we're gonna talk about how to make your profile highly converting so that it helps the overall sales conversion of your book so you have the profile clickable here and also look they can follow you to get updates and notifications when you release your books or something else happens so this is actually important that you have a highly converting compelling interesting bio and shortly I'll show you how to set it up but first of all what are the important elements so when I click on the link here of course you want to have a professional photo mine is not the most amazing here it's a tiny bit blurry I'm working on it and you can have your bio that you can add you can create a video and of course you want to have a compelling list of books if some books in the list of books that you have are not particularly good like that's actually a problem with my book that I'm working on maybe taking some books down then that might actually help to increase conversion because a bad book can put a sour taste and in a potential buyers kind of mouth and they might lose a little bit respect for you if you might look a little unprofessional and they might decide not to buy so you only want to have things out there that really put your boot best foot forward so best books really good buy a really good photo very nice video that explains the books and let me show you how to set up all of this in a very very short time you can do this literally right now when you go to your Amazon author central on the tab that says author page on top you'll have some goodies first of all you can see that you can add your own biography right away and if you have a blog or a website you can add that and if you have any events or speaking engagements coming up like that you can add it that's also something give some people something to browse and it makes you look very authoritative and respectable if you have speaking engagements also you can upload your photo right here and the video that's going to go on your Amazon author page and what I would recommend is that you spend some time writing a solid biography that makes you look like a compelling professional that is respectable and authoritative in your industry I also would what I do here you'll notice is I give a few links to my YouTube and my courses because my goal is number one to look authoritative and respectable so I've got a lot of numbers millions of downloads millions of views blah blah blah a lot of numbers I try to impress people maybe some people might get turned off by over promotion and overstating my accomplishments but the whole point of it is not to show off but - in fact establish my authority in my industry and to show that I know what I'm talking about if people are deciding whether to buy my book that's very important so on the one hand they want to establish authority with this bio and on the other hand I just want people to have a chance to also subscribe somewhere else maybe they'll subscribe to my YouTube maybe they'll buy a course and it's not so much that I'm selling stuff of course I like it when people buy things but I want people to follow me in more places than one because I want to stay on the forefront of people's minds in there I want them to remember me and to reinforce the fact that I'm an authority in the subject matter in which they are exploring so for their next products for the next coaching whatever they need hiring for they'll think of me and the more updates from me they get on different platforms the more that will happen and this is something you can by the way do right now literally and as you watching this video you can go to your Amazon central and create your own bio upload your picture do that now another thing that is going to happen right away is your author profile has a very high chance to actually rank in Google let me show you that when I search from my own name see when people search for your name what's going to happen is you see the fourth item that comes up is my Amazon author link if I click it you'll see so it really it positions me really good as an authority I'm an author that's nice link to have so it also helps to improve your online reputation management when people google you if it's for a job if it's even for dating or personal life or if they are researching whether they should the business from you or buy from you and in case they are researching on Google having this bio page really nicely filled out will impress people and by the way you don't even know this is happening every day somebody looks you up on Amazon somebody looks you up on Google you have no idea that is happening but it is happening this is how very many people research others online and this will immediately give you a chance to impress them that much more and if your goes to sell books to impress them so they can buy your books that much more it will help to improve the sales conversion rate of your Amazon book sales listing.  

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