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Your book launch plan to become an instant bestseller and rank in Amazon SEO

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video, I want to give you the strategy to successfully launching your book this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy in a deal you would start the strategies here about 15 to 60 days before you launch depending on how big of a bang, you want to get out of your launch and how much potential you want the book to reach and really if it's a little book and you didn't even spend 60 days writing it and of course, you can't spend 60 days preparing for the launch so this is the approximate range of time so first of all, you've got to complete your keyword research and you've got to choose your Amazon category you want to create a book title and your book cover on the freelancing sites like five or enough work and get feedback for them from your peers and maybe go through a a couple of iterations of your cover so give yourself about a day or two or three to go through you know the designer has to do the work for the cover then you have to go and get the feedback then you can go back to the designer it will behove you to have a fantastic cover that's very eye-catching and compelling because you want to catch people's eyes when they're browsing Amazon it's gonna have a big impact on the success of your book and it's worthwhile to spend an extra amount of time creating a super catchy title and an amazing compelling cover next, you also want to create a professional or at least semi professional-looking headshot and your author bio the author BIOS needs you to write but the headshot can be tricky to make into a really good one sometimes it's expensive to hire a professional photographer so you've gotta take a lot of pictures on maybe your phone and then give it to another photo editor to edit and make into really nice and get a lot of feedback on that as well because sometimes if you're not used to taking professional headshots little details about them can be often there's a lot of attention to detail and to go into making them great after that what you really want to focus on is getting the word out before your book so that on the day launch of your book on that day when your book launches you have to create a burst of sales so that in the chosen category amazon that you've chosen you will shoot up through the ranks and become a best-seller in that category through your launch promotion and a lot of activity like that if you come out of the gate really strongly what's gonna happen is it's gonna also help you to rank for the SEO keywords so you see how because you have this launch opportunity and extra promotion opportunity you have a chance to give yourself really good SEO signals and rank for the keywords you've chosen so that's why the choosing the keywords before your the launch is really important and that's why the category is really important because on day one or week one or maybe the first couple of weeks if you do this right you can become a best seller and start ranking for your keywords it can all come together and be really strong for you now let's talk a little bit about how to get publicity and your launch promotion strategies of course of course it goes without saying that you have to tell your friends and family about the book and prep them so that on day one they buy your book that's not going to be enough that's just a start so you also want to start networking in different author online communities and offline communities and also in your book topic niches as well in those communities so that on the launch day you can promote there and get people to reshare and actually buy the book themselves you also want to allocate an ad budget so you can start running Amazon ads right away you can start running social media ads you can maybe even hire some influencers just to get you that extra burst from different sources and you can also in the 60 days before you launch if you give yourself enough time there is a website called radio guest list com where you can apply to get on podcasts or radio shows and you can promote your book there especially it's ineffective if you have a book launch you can promote your book launch there on those podcasts and radio shows and lastly this extra time that you have before launch is a pretty good time to start YouTube in blogging working on building up your email list all those things so that on the day of the launch you can tell everyone hey here is my book buy it and all of these strategies will be the beginning of that first of sales that you're going to get to get your book to shoot up through the rankings on Amazon to generate sales and to begin your journey to become a best-seller and rank on for the relevant keywords.

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