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Pros and cons or choosing vs auto-generate sponsored ad keywords

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: Now let's take a look at another book I'm trying to promote it's this ten fundraising ideas book this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and by the way when I when I give examples of these obviously I'm not trying to sell them to you what I'm really trying to do is these are the books that I have the insider dashboard to show as an example it's not like I can get into any other sellers example to show you so this is the stuff I can really show the intimate details and financially sensitive information so again I'm trying to sell this book ten fundraising ideas and personally I've been trying was really trying hard to promote this book to be honest I've been struggling at selling this book and I'll show you that book but first of all the product display ad you see I ran it it made literally a couple of sales and that's it and I overpaid you see it took me a dollar to earn a dollar twenty six and I still had to pay the Amazon fees on top of dollars twenty six so this is totally not worthwhile doing the display ad right I'm just reinforcing that now let's take a look I have had two sponsored ads for this this one this one basically sold only one this is the price of a paperback and only sold one profitably barely profitably right because it took forty-one cents to earn a dollar but then from that dollar I had to pay some Amazon fees so it's barely profitable not or not barely profitable its profitable but just not as profitable as preferred and then it just you know very little activity right and then I have this sponsored product another one now the difference is this is the sponsor this one is the one where I let Amazon choose the keywords.

This one is the one where I chose the keywords so in this case if I click it I'm going to be able to see the keyword and I can tell essentially which keywords are not profitable and I can just keep the profitable ones right like like this one is a bad keyword and generally speaking some of these are profitable surprisingly since it's a fundraising book the fundraising keyword is not profitable that's strange but what's really happening is I need to boost sales of it because I'm really not trying to make the ads profitable themselves my goal in this is to have enough activity in the book that Amazon decides Wow it's showing positive signs people are reading in people are very nice reviews and boom it's gonna start to rank higher and tell organically now a problem I actually ran into and this is a real-life situation is that somebody left a bad review instead of a good review and that's a sad moment for me but that hurt the sales because instead of ranking high organically ranked low organically and so you know this book is more of a struggle nevertheless you can see that even though these ads are not as profitable as the business planning ads nevertheless there's still a lot of activity here that I can generate.

If it was only positive activity instead of the bad review I could have gotten my book to rank higher now let's take a look at the other sponsored and where they bid on the keywords when they bid on the keywords they don't tell you which keywords they bid the only thing you can set is you can set the bid price but they don't you don't know what keywords are the bidding keywords and that's a problem because this might seem like it's cheap but we don't know and there may be being conservative here because it's a profitable ad as opposed to the other one which is not profitable so if you're going for profitability this is the way to get direct profitability but if you're going through if you're going for activity I would run both this and the one will you bid on the keywords and even if you have some keywords where you're losing money directly as long as you can get the people who bought your book even if you spent two dollars to make one dollar if that person ended up leaving a nice review and help me helping your book rank organically that is still profitable because you're gonna generate that money back from the organic sales so that's the difference you see this will be the most economical and this is the way to most likely ensure that your ad will be more profitable the other way is to you know when I say this way I mean let let Emma's on pick the keywords for you and the bids but when you pick your own you can generate more activity so so when you let them do it it's more conservative you're not gonna let chance you lose money more chance you're gonna make money but if you if you want to have that those secondary benefits of Amazon the the boost in search the boost in having your book discovered through you know Amazon's recommendation then you want to go overboard with the keywords.   

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