Amazon ads introduction

Amazon ads introduction & Making profitable and unprofitable ads profitable

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May 12, 2020

Video Transcription: When you launch a product one way to give it a boost is to run ads for it as you can see this is one of my books and for the word productivity which I'm hoping to eventually rank for this book is not ranking as you see organically this video is brought to you by Abbey pies Academy I just did the search and sadly it's not ranking but I have an ad running for it they see this and this ad is a way to get you more reviews more sales more money so that you see when I scroll all the way down this is the organic listing of this book and at least it's kind of coming back up and what happened was in the beginning when I launched this book it was like on page 5 or 10 wherever and I had to basically promote and this is a competitive difficult niche to promote and in Turanian so it took time and I had to basically scrape up sales from social media my email marketing everywhere else and the consistent thing is the ads because the ads are running everyday and I'm able to get sales from it so here's the thing this ad helps you get sales now when you look at ads I'm going to show you how to start setting up your ads but when you look at ads don't look at theirs there's a couple of ways to look at that basically you can look at it ad and say hey I'm spending a $1 to earn $2 that sounds logical and reasonable good what about spending $2 to earn $2 does that make sense to you well it makes sense to me because if I can spend $2 to earn $2 but at the same time if I'm getting sales for this book and the organic listing is going up up up up up then really what I'm doing is I'm boosting the listing of the organic sale and through that I am getting my organic sales so it's not really two dollars for two dollars of sales it's two dollars for two dollars for two dollars of sales and more organic listings via the ranking ok does now let me ask you another question does spending $2 to make $1 make sense to you okay so now you're spending more than you're earning okay this can still make sense because if you end up eventually ranking here this if this listing the organic one eventually ranks very highly then guess what happens you get to make a lot more money from the organic listings and sometimes even spending five dollars to earn a dollar can be still profitable you see directly it's totally not profitable but indirectly you're influencing the search algorithm that's the point so if you influence the search algorithm enough depending on your appetite for spending and for risk because it's no guarantee that you're gonna end up ranking then you can spend way more money than the book is actually ranking in the short term in order to benefit long term and this is the beauty of ads if you can do this if you can weather the short-term storm it works now the good news is that we're still relatively early in the lifecycle of Amazon ads so it's actually not that hard to spend more than you earn spend less than you make back meaning directly profitable ads so let me show you how to get started first of all you go to Amazon it's Amazon marketing services that so it's basically AMS and we're just gonna go there and it's going to require you to sign in for me I'm already signed in and you sign in with your basic Amazon profile and in the next video we're going to begin to examine my ads and I'm gonna be showing you what's working and what's not working because I have a complete suite of ads that running fully ran continuously run different ads and we're gonna I'm gonna show you what each one of them does and how it works.   

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