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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series a brilliant piece of content by Sean Ellis Sean Alice by the way if you don't know he is the one who have come up with growth hacking tongue and started this growth hacking I think way back in 2010 now it was extraordinary growth engine is what this this video is all about you can actually get this in growth hacking comm website it's free to download as well let's look at what actually you will have done to in order to grow a very very high growth in very less time first launched in San Francisco pic early adopters San Francisco spotty cab service events partial sponsorship and strong word-of-mouth reputable uber growth engine now very first intense city-by-city launches so they have a very intense strategy to go city by city and offering free rides experiential word-of-mouth and wow experience let's look at this in a bit more detail now city by City rollout formula that is tell a unique approach to each city now each city would have three rights and what they have done is you could actually once you take over and you download the uber app and order for the uber cab or service and while you are actually in the cab you can actually share and there is also some monetary value to its some thirty dollars or something to sign up you can actually send it to your friends and share it on social media and whosoever will actually use it they will get some you know benefit out of that so that is one one growth hacking technique they've used similarly free rights for referrals reffering is double-sided that means if you share ruber you will as I said click $30 to sign up and all you have to do is treat or text or email or share right inside the app Wow experience this is what the you know obviously your users are looking for and the quality of the product now initial days when we used to order cab used to pay like you know there were a lot of you know trouble in paying them cash and then returning the the cash in you know taking the you know change back but in this obviously it's payment is automatic and they have a very good service by arriving which will say like it will take two minutes three minutes five minutes and then the car the gap will be there right there for you in front of your house or wherever you have ordered the gap impress your friends so spread the word experientially you what they have done is obviously if you like the service you will go with word of mouth so what of mouth is the growth hacking technique they have used and extensively they have actually done a lot of sponsorship in nightlife holidays weather sports and as you can see at the back they have sponsored events so event is something that you know people are going to parties and nightlife and uber has come to rescue because obviously you can't drive and then and people are enjoying the the nightlife and you know they use uber as a service right at your doorstep so a really really destructive idea and really really growth very high level of cross and scalability for uber okay so this is it for this video for growth hacking uber hack I will see you in the next one coming up very soon bye for now.

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