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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello everyone in this video let's talk about Twitter hack now Twitter is one of my favorite social media platform and I get to do it a lot now when you join Twitter or if you remember when you have joined Twitter it will ask you to follow some certain people it will ask me to follow five people to start off it and then it will prompt you to follow new people that is exactly the hack they have been following since then and it says it is not about how many tweets you send it's about how many people you follow that determines success when you when users follow five to ten people they are former more likely to remain as an active user now the hack here is that drive product onboarding not around publishing in Twitter if you are even not publishing Twitter is still growing okay because they have the hack before the account is created it is to do with own body so any of your when you design your app or any of the business model if you focus on the onboarding and if that if there is something that you can come up with any hack and during that process then then you have done the job like you have done literally 50 percent of the job that people will get engaged and will be active on your platform okay so the result for doing that is 40 percent of Twitter's users use Twitter without publishing and four times number of monthly visitor do not login just create the stream so you can see even if they are not logging in Twitter is still streaming and it is still growing okay very simple hack just thinking outside the box Twitter hack focusing on onboarding that is all about Twitter hack thank you I will see you in the next one the next case study number four bye for now.

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