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Growth Hacking Example 3 - TWITTER

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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello and welcome to Twitter case study now Twitter is blocking or a short messaging platform and I'm sure that everyone watching this video are actually connected to Twitter and they have twitter account now it is a very interesting story and it's one of my favorite social media Jack Dorsey is actually a founder of Twitter he was born in 1973 till the age of 29 he was unsure about what to do in life then he meets heaven clock which is heaven clock Williams had some cafe and then everyone gives him a job in his company and then in the company Jack sketches Twitter for Evan clock Evan clock becomes a CEO of that company then jack is fired by Evan clock very interestingly I'm not sure why but Jack becomes CEO so as you can see his lot of action going on the lot of challenges going on within the company then Twitter breaks through ad sauted Southwest in March 2007 and he comes up with the idea of 140 character of the tweet what we call today Evan talk is replaced with Dick Costolo after that and then 100 million active users acquisition in November of 2013 files IPO Jack becomes CEO again in 2015 and then year later in 2016 Twitter attempts to sell itself and so on a lot of things a couple of years ago there was a very downturn for Twitter and it was not actually working as in since a lot of people were not engaging in Twitter now in the next video I am going to very interestingly show you and reveal what the growth hacking technique they have come up with and in 2018 this is the end of 2018 as I'm speaking is twitter is one of the bigger platform a social media platform which everyone uses worldwide okay stay tuned for the next one see you in a minute.

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