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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series if you use LinkedIn you might also know that connecting to a friend or a colleague is so easy on LinkedIn platform you just have to send an invitation and it's a permission based obviously and then you get connected so LinkedIn had made this extra easy to refer a friend or colleague to the platform now this increases the user base it increases the network not only of link it in but it also increased your network so which is quite what exactly what people are looking for to create and obviously have you know business deal with them now the company put all the necessary tools in place for share buttons leaving space for personal notes that made reaching out to people as easy as pie so this is one of the very hack what link even use and because it is inside the platform that makes really easy to grow exponentially second one is giving an opportunity to develop your own professional brand so I have my own LinkedIn account so I have developed my own professional brand I have developed my own you know my details is just like a resume a but people are have connect I'm connected fits I have I can actually show khun's my you know achievements on my LinkedIn profile so building your own brand is another hack which link it in caves to its users word-of-mouth is again you know which is we have talked about time and again in the previous videos but this is almost word-of-mouth technique the third one is linked elena's redefine the hiring process so it is not just where you connect with people but you can actually get hired or you can actually hire professionals because it's a professional social network and it is easy to connect with people via your connections and Lincoln has connections connection first level second level third level you know so you can actually have connected with anyone literally on LinkedIn and hiring process is one of the very like talent solution for the companies big companies mid-sized companies has become really easy on LinkedIn so if you're looking for a job then you simply just have to have an updated LinkedIn profile and that is it okay so what do we take as a key takeaways from LinkedIn success is that the design the product to be personal and customizable so they have built the application in such a way that it has it is doing marketing on its own seamlessly embedded word-of-mouth within the product lifecycle so as I said sort of within the application so you are actually referring connecting and you are actually inviting that is all word-of-mouth made the whole experience highly social and interaction based so social network interaction with the people you know and obviously with connecting with people you would like to be connected through your friend or your colleague kidding the connection is really really good experience prioritize user experience as a core driver of usage and engagement and obviously it is mobile so you can just you know the LinkedIn app is the way to go and you can just while you can you know 24/7 you can use that and take it in use all right link it in hack very interesting I will see you in the next video till then bye from now.

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