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Digital Marketing must follow hacks - PART 3

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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hi there in this video I am going to talk about growth hacking techniques number five and number six number five very important to remove landing page links what does that mean let's get into this remove links that distract people from your call to action so you might see this let's say this is a landing page okay then you want them to enter their email address to acquire a lead and then you want them to sign up but there is this distraction happening on the top that means I might before I go this as a visitor I might take this this this or this and then it has distracted me to go somewhere else and might be possible I may not come back to this page at all okay so you need to remove all of these the landing page has to be very very precise to the point without any links or any menu on the top let's talk another example so we have this but this one is clean so what we are asking the visitor to straightaway go and sign up here and it has 70 percent conversion rate plus 91 percent obviously because there is no destruction the same page without the navigation link is this one and with with the navigation or the menu bar on the top is this one we want to avoid this bit okay taking another example you will see a huge number of links or the menu it is distraction distracting the user because you imagine like you are running ads on you know let's say on Google and then people are looking for specifically for this particular landing page alright and they land on this page and you're giving them all lot of other links to go and god knows what but they are actually have the click link to come up to this page to find the information what they are looking for okay they are not looking for all of these links make sense so remove no navigation at all six percent conversion rate pro tip test minimal landing pages now I'm going to show you how your landing page should look will have better click-through rate and more conversions just like take a look at the first one Dropbox okay we all know Dropbox and we know it is a huge company so what do they do just have a small form first name last name email and password sign up or you can download in Dropbox simple claim and with no navigation on the top let's look at the other one Quorra same thing sign up sign up with Facebook Google or Twitter no navigation on the top and these are really really big companies the examples like link it in Cora they are really really huge and they follow the same methodology no navigation on the top Groupon no navigation simply email address what this is what they want so it is like online is something like it's a give and take okay you have come to my site or you have come to my shop and I'm going to give you if you give me something so if you give me your email address then I will give you this coupon code of say 50 percent or 90 percent that is as simple as that but there's no footer no header and no navigation take a look at the other one Pinterest simple join an or log in obviously with the image of their platform what do these pages have in common what do you think that they have in common especially on your checkout so in the checkout pages this is a pro tip number two which is like we take an example of Amazon now I have a look at this page okay and then we'll come back to this Amazon removes nearly all links during checkout have you ever known about this thing when you're checking out like this is the checkout page they have no links and they have removed everything even they have removed this you know link of their logo and this is during checkout because I am if I'm putting it links Here I am distracting customer who is about to pay and place the order and they might be and this is this is really really crucial and it's really really big I would say very important growth hacking technique because if they go away somewhere else there is like very less chances or probability is less that they would come and you know they might may go away and go somewhere else okay so no navigation Amazon removes nearly all links during the checkout that is a strategy now this is the next pro tip which I'll come back to it this is the if we are talking about for having no navigation link okay coming to the sixth growth hacking technique use collar I've discussed vaguely about in the past video but let's see what is what we could do for customer feedback so customer feedback I have discussed lesson sense during even during the purchase even in Amazon you would see they would ask a whole lot of questions and they would ask you to fill this this form on that form and get feedback and all this even once you purchase you will get an email of rating they you know the feedback and things like that now they are actually very customer centric and they are I have collect they're collecting the data in terms of what user actually wants to give them a good user experience now discover sign up hesitations if you do let's say if this one if you do not make a purchase today can you tell us why not so you're asking the user actually what is the what is the problem in buying the product right now is it the prices were too high are you just browsing did not intend to make a purchase didn't find what I was looking for then obviously you can explain here and then you just send okay so what happens here is if I know that the prices were too high and there are lots and lots of people are actually giving me this feedback that means I need to go back and maybe three strategize my pricing policy or the pricing structure or the strategy that have in place maybe feel the the prices are too high as compared to the competitors let's look at the other one len lon what information is missing on your site so it is about the you know more user-friendly for your website were you able to find the information you were looking for this will be like can be a pop up on your homepage yes easily eventually know what information will be looking for simple and then sin okay this all of these are made in quali you can check out the website it's really really good platform our customer intentions this is the third one what did you come to our site today to do so I was looking for blah blah blah and then send okay so you're getting the customer you know customer feedback which is very very crucial for any business so that you can actually as I said re strategize and make it more better this is how you will come up with ideas to test and that is that is it for this particular section and this video now I will see you in the next section way we will be talking another till really you know growth hacking techniques for you to build your profession career or your business till then bye for now.

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