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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series let's continue to Instagram as I discussed in the last video that Instagram only focused on just one thing that is photos or making better photos editing inside the app itself so instead of trying too many things which normally most of the people would do and they will develop in an app which has lots and lots of features it is quite proven that the core of your app if it is let's say for Instagram was photo sharing if you stick to that and make different versions of it till the time you get retention of quite a good number of users and then after the analysis of those users the feedback of those users they might be a chance to actually go and build another feature okay but focusing on one thing what Instagram did really well as I've discussed that it was originally it was called bourbon and bourbon was initially was a location sharing app so once you check in you share your location you make your future plans after check-in on points for hanging out with friends and post pictures of the meetups and so on the second good advantage what Instagram had in the early days was influences so chad-teau see from Twitter has actually tweeted on his million-plus followers and he sent a tweet which actually got lots and lots of traction including the social influences who then have again forwarded the app for people to check out this is influencer marketing which has worked and they have got tons of followers just right after the tweet in the matter of two days so the second hack is obviously the influencer marketing which Instagram has followed the third one is as I have also discussed this that Instagram was made available on Android almost two years later so it was initially on iOS on the iPhones but people have to actually wait for nearly almost two years nearly one and a half year before it could be actually published or released on Android devices so what happened because they were lot of they have a lot of buzz already within those two years that people were actually liking and they knew about Instagram but they couldn't actually download that on their phones because they use Android devices after it was launched it got five million hit hits in just a matter of six days and 1 million downloads on its first day and Apple has actually you know put the app for the day on iOS on the Apple Store fourth one is very easy for you it made it really easy for the social media platform to share on Twitter Flickr Facebook Tumblr Foursquare and like that and it was really really easy to post it with a single press and also with Instagram integration you could actually edit the photos which was not the feature of any of the other social media so that actually worked in the favor of Instagram and obviously it was being bought by Facebook so Facebook had already had lots and lots of beta users for Facebook so right now Facebook is video and add it is linked with Instagram and the same ad goes to Instagram as well so making it popular was not the it well I think it was very easy for them because they had already had millions and millions of followers and users all right so let's take a recap initial success for Instagram had a really good product right from the beginning that was the market need that was specialized and worked well on mobile picked up and shared by high-profile individuals as I said Chad Tosi from Twitter has forwarded the the app and I streeted featured on Apple App Store and got a 1 million 1 million downloads on the first day powerful social sharing on popular social media platform so again the marketing in itself having the option to share on other media platforms was one of the advantage for Instagram had exclusivity and sagacity when it came to mobile platform offerings so this is the Instagram story quite inspiring but I feel that it was already do in and there was a huge market for for this type of product already existing and it has made his mark right there way back in 2012 when Facebook bought Instagram for 1 billion dollar in cash and stock and today it's worth 100 billion so you can see how it has grown hundred times just in a matter of six seven years alright so Instagram story I will be coming with the next video till then stay tuned now.

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