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Growth Hacking Tools for social media

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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello everyone in this video I am going to show you two different growth hacking tools for social media now if you want to automate your social media profiles there are two tools one of which is duck suit now this is a platform for LinkedIn what it does is it engage with your LinkedIn connections and then send them automated messages to first second third connections it also give and those connections on on your profile on the behalf of your profile and you can actually try it for free what you have to do is all you have to do is download and you can actually it is an extension control you can get that on Chrome extension just found out that and then you can try it for free go into pricing they have a free section or there's a starter you can start as free and then you can automate all of your LinkedIn activities just by using this particular platform in tux - soup comm to try it out it is a brilliant tool for automation on LinkedIn okay the second one I'm going to talk about is the social media where you can connect pin interest twitter facebook Instagram link it in and so on again and it is called buffer buffer comm I'm sure that you have heard of this platform already what it does is it not only saves you time it auto post and then it will also reply and analyze your platforms at the same time if you go into this product section and click here and you will see buffer publish all you need to client and schedule your social media post so you don't have to do it manually what you could do is create your post in one go and create a folder and then you just need to set those timings and the post inside the publish and the buffer buffer app and then it will be automatically posted on to all of your social media profiles you need to link all of these profile to buffer app so that it can start posting on the designated time and the date you set inside the app it will also reply to for the engagement and then people who are coming and engaging on your let's say social media profiles or pages it will automate it will send some messages back and get them a reply you can also see the analysis that means you can see the performance of your social media marketing how well it is working it is all done in one app and again you can get this for free and you can try it out for free which is a starter plan just right here just sign up for the account and just start get going okay so two tools ducks - soup comm for link it in automation and buffer is for social media platforms automation as well I hope you liked the video I will see you now in the next one bye for now.

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