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Growth Hacking Tool for SEO

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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello everyone in this video I will show you one tool for search engine optimization it is also growth hacking tool a brilliant tool for you to know a lot of insights about any particular domain and on based on that you can actually define your strategy which relates to search engine optimization now the tool is called SEM rush com I'm sure you might have heard of it or you may be you know come across this name now I have just logged in to SM rush you can actually get 14 days free trial of this tool and which should be ok for if you're just starting off and I've shown do a quick research this tool is really really intelligent to forgive you lot of insights now as you can see on the left hand side there are lot of a lot of keyword analytics or domain analytics projects gap analysis topic research and so on it is a huge tool I generally uses for competitors analysis that means I can actually go into any of the domain and I can find out what is their online strategy in terms of their ranking on search engine optimization in terms of their advertising or any acts they are running on social media or even on Google Adwords so let's dive into one of the domain I will type here as for example and just you can fit this drop-down you can choose any of the country if you live in let's say Brazil you can obviously select this and it will give you the result of that particular country okay so I'll just leave it as us at the moment and then I will just then click hit once I know that it'll give me an overview of in the US and it is showing me the organic result that means organic search there about seven hundred and twenty-five million traffic on there is a paid search that means for Google Adwords or any of the advertising as got the traffic of seventy six point seven back things if you are little bit aware or if you are just starting off backlinks are the links which has you know you get links from the higher authority back to your domain that means if your domain is and if you get link from Wikipedia which is a very high authority website linking back to which is your website that is a backlink okay so five point eight it is quite huge display advertising display advertising is part of Google advertising which normally you will see in some of the websites where you have a display like a banner which has a display and then there will be a message okay so I can actually go through this details and insights I can see the organic keywords paid keywords at the bottom I can see all of this pop organic keywords organic position distribution and so on and competitive positioning map so that means the other competitors not just Amazon so I have Walmart eBay Pinterest YouTube and the other ones okay so this gives me a quart of interesting data for me to actually think start thinking of my strategy for my own domain of my own business okay now there might be you might be just starting off or you might be just maybe few years old that really doesn't matter because looking at this you can actually key it and design the strategy according to your budget and you can see that these are the these are the keywords or these are the strategy which is working for and then you can take some input for example you can take in sample ad so you can see how the sample ads are actually set how they have been given the content that means how they have been putting in the ad itself so it's a free two-day shipping with Prime and so on you can go through all of these and you can actually create your own ad just similar to this because you have got you know in front of you all of these details about the Amazon and itself just in one platform you can design your own ads related or similar to this based on the product or services you are selling okay some of the details is it can be quite overwhelming to start off with you can have lot of data but I would rather focus on you know the the ideology here is she'll focus on the very prominent areas which I am looking for for my business she go on to the next level okay so s Engrish calm is the website to go through this website if you are into search engine optimization I want to grow your website organically okay this is it for this chapter I'm sure you liked it I will see you in the next one till then bye for now you.

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