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Growth Hacking Tools for getting Customer Referrals (Stage 5)

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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello everyone in this video let's talk about growth hacking tools for customer referral normally customer referral would come by its own that means if customers of yours have purchased any of your product or services and they have liked your services they would go ahead themselves and therefore people around them okay so focus on the product and the services is more valuable to get referral like you know automatic referrals and you will see if you or your product is good and people are liking it your referral numbers will go up however I will show you couple of tools where you can actually grow your customer referral as well the very first one is Twitter so I'm sure that you have a Twitter account if you don't have a Twitter account you can create one Twitter account for free once you have your Twitter account you can just go to the this bar search bar on the top and here I have typed looking for a graphic designer so you need to mention that you're looking for out for some services now if you have services in graphic designing yourself you provide this service as a graphic designer you can actually go ahead and say looking for graphic designer interestingly and surprisingly will see a lot of people who are looking for graphic designer are actually posting a tweet and they are actually actively looking for the graphic designer for example this depth at ap underscore depth is looking for a quality graphic designer to create me if a concept for a logo and a banner okay similarly like this still looking for a graphic designer hi guys I'm looking for a graphic designer to make me a logo please DME now you will see on and on there would be hundreds of this we'll be looking for that service now if we have that service you can just go and yourself go for this particular you know looking for a graphic designer or looking for digital marketing so is looking for whatever services you are in and you will see these results coming in here all you have to do is from your Twitter account you need to just reply them and then you tell them to give them your portfolio link or anything your website link where they can actually see that your you know you're designing let's in this case you have created some really really good interesting graphic designing and you have that in your portfolio okay one more thing which you need to be little you need to be little quick in this and you can see there a lot of eye on this force they're 32 already messages now they're already 32 people must have replied for this particular post but if you're the first one or the first three or the first three people who have replied normally people who are looking for they're desperate to get for that service for example in this still looking for a quality graphic designer and I'm sure that this person has posted in the past and it's not been able to get the right quality designer what he's been looking for and then you can actually if you are the the first one of the second one to reply you have a better chance to get that service okay so that is one second one is you can go to this hunter dot i/o where you can just put in the company name and you can find email addresses you can get any email address let's say for any any of the big companies so you don't have any link or you don't have anyone who can refer it to you you can actually type that company name for example if I type HubSpot calm and then it will give me a list of these company names or these email addresses where you can actually go ahead and email them separately and then you can tell them that you want to get connected to the with the team or someone or within the company now it is I have not signed up you can sign up for free once I sign up it show that please login to see the entire email address once you sign in then all these email address will be shown to you okay similarly to this platform there is another one which is fine emails and comm it does the same thing but the here in this particular platform what they do is they actually verify the email address okay that means they will have a mail server test so if you're getting any email it might be just you know of in the email which is redundant or it's not working so this particular platform will actually verify as a mail server that this email is actually working in working condition as you can see this email format is valid the email address is also available okay so these two of the to find emails of any company and then get them on to your email and get them connected alright the third one which I have talked about is Twitter a very good tool you can actually get lots of leads on a daily basis and you will get lots of leads just like this and then you can connect with them and provide your services okay so this is it about this video I will see you in the next one till then bye for now.

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