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Growth Hacking Tools for market research & user research

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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello everyone in this video let's talk about growth hacking tools for market research and user research a market research as you might have heard this term is when you have let's say n number of customers already and you want to do some research on those existing customers just for an example and you want to do a survey or questionnaire and you want to ask their feedback and obviously you have to give them something in return but you want to know so that you can actually create your strategy for the future and maybe enhance your product or services in that particular area ok so very first market research is a brilliant tool and it is a free tool you can take this tool for free by joining they're signing up for their account free account it's called tight ok Typhon calm is you have various templates and there are free templates if you go right at the bottom you will see this survey and questionnaire templates you also have form builders and the other form templates but specifically I want to focus on survey or questionnaire templates and examples once you click on that you will see multiple free feedback survey templates it could be an employee engagement survey for example if you are into an HR product selling you can use this you can have customer feedback form or job satisfaction survey template so all of these are absolutely free let's dive into one of these template let's go into customer feedback that looks a little bit more general now waves is I think is a music company which has they have this template right here and if we call it a down we can actually see a little bit about over 650,000 tie forms are completed every day so that's one of the marketing approach giving authenticity of how far they have achieved now if we go into this preview section you can start with this template of your own but let's go into preview section and see why it is a good way to do a market research now it says thanks for shopping with waves we would love to know a little bit about your experience with us I want to give feedback press ENTER if I click this and that it will start asking me relevant questions or the survey question or questionnaire but the good thing is about is obviously the design the color combination and I am actually not really bored that you fill this out because I don't think I have to type anything so all I have to do is design of the site give for and then the range of products all I have to do is just click of the mouse I'll have to just you know fill this form if I call it in town I'm sure that there is nothing to type so this is that this makes the user people who are you know some people are not really keen to fill out the surveys and they have to type it out and they have to write a lot of question and answers to them so this is a really cool way and I'm supposing that they will have they have only six questions so it can be filled out like really really you know quick and once I do that at the end they would be obviously a city that means all action and that it is like sixth question has finally would like fifteen percent off your next shot now what is happening here is they have taken the feedback as in they for their market research they have only five questions and here they have they're giving fifty fifteen percent off to your next shop and they're asking for an email here so if I put in my email again a part of the acquisition strategy and I will be on to their customer list or lead list and obviously I will be receiving this fifteen percent coupon discount or whatever it is and then I can avail that discount so you can see how easy it is for me to fill and you can create these for customer feedback template absolutely free of cost okay so this is for the market research the other one is a user research which I would actually recommend is all are calm and they have this chat box right here and if I click this it will start ask me a name and enter your email this very first thing again the acquisition strategy and then you can start chatting now chat box are actually becoming really really really really popular and really relevant because it works 24/7 even you know and you can't actually control the web traffic coming onto your website it can be day-in day-out and it can be any time so these chat box are actually giving a little bit of you know easiness and they are actually acquiring people who are coming to the website and giving them the relevant information by having automated chat to their relevant or relevant leads or the customer okay do check it out Olaf calm and tied form calm tie form calm is for market to search olav calm is for user research okay this is it for this video I will see you in the next video bye for now.

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