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Growth Hacking Tool for LinkedIn connections

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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello everyone in this video I am going to show you a really cool technique to increase your LinkedIn connections now as you know that LinkedIn is a professional network where you get connected with like-minded people within your industry or outside it is a huge huge network if you are on LinkedIn you must have actually come across the importance of using the LinkedIn connections and and so on if you have not then I would recommend and suggest that you create an account on LinkedIn and it is like having your online resume and you put all your details and like it is you do it on resume and then you get connected to people you have worked with in the past or people you want to connect with now on google chrome stone extension there is an extension called LinkedIn sales navigator okay it is by liquid in itself and it is a free tool what you need to do is you need to actually download this navigation link it in sales navigator extension and it goes right here right on the Chrome extension just like this okay I've already done it so it's already been installed on my on my system now once you go you just need to go to Google Chrome extension website and then look for LinkedIn sales navigator ok and once you get that extension right here you download that and then you get you add the sales navigator plug-in onto your chrome then what happens is whenever you are sending or receiving any mail from any you know third party which you're not sure of his or her a LinkedIn connection will pop up right from the right-hand side so as you can see I have done it for myself so I have actually emailed my own you know on to my own email address and then once I opened email I can actually see the person who has emailed me and I can see the profile if I want I can click that I can message or I can go to LinkedIn profile straight away now it solves two basic problems or issues one is that you may may not be knowing that person at all and you want to know about that person who is emailing you okay and if you can see their profile on LinkedIn so then you can know that yes it is authentic second one is that you can actually go ahead and add them as a connection because they are already connected onto your email okay once you do that you will see the amount of email we get in day and day out they are actually enormous and inundated our emails are actually flooded with lots and lots of email on a daily basis now what we can do is we can actually optimize those and then we can actually add them as a LinkedIn connection as you like and then increase your LinkedIn connections okay like this way so really cool technique do try it out Google Chrome extension and it is called link it in sales navigator okay that is it for this video I will see you in the next video thank you very much bye for now.

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