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Growth Hacking Tools for lead & customer acquisition

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January 08, 2020

T­­­­­­­his course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello and welcome to this video in this video I am going to show you two very excellent tools for lead and customer acquisition now these are also growth hacking tools and lead and customer acquisition is a very thin line between when you call it as a lead and when you call it as a customer now lead is something let's suppose if I go to or any website and I fill in a detail of my email address on their website and fill a form I will become a lead to them okay I still have not bought anything from their website so I'm still a lead a potential customer however customer is something if I go to and buy something straight away which I am looking for then I become a customer okay now there are two tools which I want you highlight and they are really really really really good tools you can actually get them for free the first one is lead acquisition tool which is hellobar and if you have not heard of it you might have seen this yellow bar right on the top just like this this is a small popper right popup on the top part and you can actually put in any of your if you if you're having a discount or if you want to put any very relevant information you can just put this right on the top and then it will pop up as per research it has been proven that almost 45% of visitors online visitors has been converted into a lead with this hellobar popup on the website as you can see it is actually also shaking right in some time in between which is actually grabbing my attention and my eye I eyes are actually going in that there right so this is a cool trick to actually get your website visitors to turn into a lead you can also have like I can click this if I click this it will take me to fill this free account it's asking you to fill an account so that means I will be putting in my website URL email and password so that means they will get my email with the email obviously is the part of acquisition and they have acquired my email for future references and future email marketing they would want to do okay the second one is customer acquisition and surprisingly we have been using this website called gum Broadcom and this is a website which where you can actually you can get free account to get started and then you can actually sell your product directly it's a website which has huge huge traffic coming onto this website and people come to this website to buy different products whether you can actually looking for digital goods physical goods subscriptions you looking for anything you can actually find it here now you can sell any of these products online on this platform you all you have to do is create an account a free account and then start selling they have a small percentage of which to take from part of the revenue which they collect which is I think it's all fair because they are actually doing the heavy lifting for you to get the audience and the customers once the customer become your obviously come into your customer list then you can obviously upsell them and then sell them other products related to that of their interest what they have been looking for okay so two tools one is hello bot for lead acquisition and the second one is Gumroad comm for customer acquisition okay that is it for this video I hope you liked it I will see you in the next one bye for now.

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