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Growth Hacking Tools for Customer Retention (Stage 3)

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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello everyone in this video let's talk about growth hacking tools for customer retention now in this video I will talk about different tools and there are four tools I will be discussing the very first one is five-second if you want to know your site design is giving customers the information they need that means they come to your website and whatever they have been searching online and they land up on to your site that is the right information they need you can actually test this for free with five-second test what you could do is you can sign up and you can upload a page design or your landing page design the testers from this platform will see it for five seconds and will be asked about what they remember this feedback can actually help you target your page design to improve information retention and customer retention with it okay so five-second test you can just sign up I think it is it's free and you can have even as a single user you can have limited test length for two minutes and then you can check if that landing page you have designed is informative enough for these testers okay you can once you sign up for this you can actually upload your page right here at the bottom gives a five-second test here for you to get the information from this particular platform okay so this is the five second test comm for customer retention the second one is one again a very popular one which is HubSpot dot-com now one way to retain customers is to build relationship with them it's very important to have relationship with them so that they come back again to your website and HubSpot is one platform now which I normally use quite significantly for my website it's actually give lot of free tools that will help your business grow and expand for example they give free CRM software that integrates with your email provider just like email MailChimp or any other email provider you are actually subscribed with then you have free and low-cost lead management software including lead analytics then we have free and low-cost sales management sort for including email tracking scheduling meeting and reporting ok so you can see these free source for HubSpot CRM and you can get it for free I can show you one of the form we have posted here you can see it has been created free with HubSpot ok this is again growth hacking technique for customer retention all right the other one the third one is specifically I have vaguely talked about in the last video with many chat comm if you remember is messenger facebook Messenger now facebook Messenger is one of the easiest way to reach customer even while you can use it as a as an on your smart phone and you can connect that connect with your customers on smart phone that goes everywhere with them and answer the question almost immediately now we have talked about many chant comm which is a facebook Messenger bot and thoughts are actually great way to maintain continuous connection with customers so you can actually integrate or link your facebook pages with our messenger with many Chad comm and then that is the strategy for retaining customers as well the fourth one which is again I have talked about initially is kora kora is where customers will ask you questions and then you can provide the relevant answers they need you can subscribe to topics related to your business and you will know when new questions are asked then you can jump in thought answer and you can answer those questions which will then lead to those users of yours or people who are reading your answers to follow your profile link and then it will be linked back to your website okay four different tools for customer retention five-second test is the first one second is up spot CRM they are all free and then you have messenger of course I'm sure that you've been using it for quite a while and kora which is again a very huge platform and we use it quite significantly ok that is it for this video I will see you in the next one till then bye for now.

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