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Growth Hacking Tools for Boosting Revenue (Stage 4)

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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello everyone in this video I am going to show you two growth hacking tools for posting revenue now revenue is a stage as we have discussed in the previous videos that it comes after acquisition activation and if you do those steps properly I am quite certain that the revenue will increase by itself however I'm going to show you two different tools where I have used and it has increased the revenue quite significantly okay the very first one as you can see is zoom dot us now as per search it has been proven that two to five percent of webinar attendees that means once you learn and webinar for your existing customers or for your new customers then they are tend to make a purchase okay so it's a very good platform for one-on-one or running video communications running meetups or conference and also for webinars okay the thing is with zoom dot us it comes free and it is free for up to 40 minutes and up to 100 participants so you can have hundred webinar attendees and you can run that for 40 minutes for absolutely free of cost and you can use that for meetings - that means you can record your webinar and use that for meetings or give away if the webinar attendees has not been available at that time and they've been absent you can send them the link so that they can actually watch that webinar series okay so that is one the second one is called on site retargeting by optinmonster now I'd like the retargeting process if you are aware of retargeting or remarketing that's one and the same thing on online process if you have actually realized that once you for example if you go to and you look for a particular product but you don't buy that product but then when you come out of an Amazon and you go next day and just you are actually cruising online you will see the same product coming and following you all over the place what happened is that there is a pixel code which runs on Facebook and Google so you need to be running ads on Google and Facebook in order to retargeting pixel to get activated once it get activated and you when the visitor comes to your website they get cookie and then these the same ad is followed on Facebook so you have to run an ad on Facebook for them to show the same ad because they have not purchased say that but particular product and it will keep on showing them the same ad okay that process is called retargeting or we market and you can call it and also on Google you can once you run ads on Google you can do the same process there is a line of code which is obviously when you run the ad you need to place that line of code on to your website and then it starts it starts retargeting those returning visitors okay now in the good thing about optinmonster or on site retargeting is what I like is that you don't have to spend any money on the ads yes that's right so you don't have to spend any money on the ads what happen is on site retargeting by optinmonster it gets integrated with your email service provider that means for example we have talked about MailChimp which is also a free tool up to twelve thousand emails per month for two thousand two thousand email subscribers you can actually integrate optinmonster with MailChimp and then what will happen once you send them an email through MailChimp you can just send them a link inside the email and once that link is clicked it will then be redirected to your website and the good thing about this on site retargeting is that it will not show the same ad so for example if you are if you go to a website and you have seen product and you you don't want to actually keep on looking at the same advertising what you could do is you can actually create a campaign in optinmonster on on site retargeting and then you can show different ads or different products if you like to those returning visitors so there's a difference between the google ads and Facebook remarketing retargeting what is happening and there is a difference in optinmonster the basic difference what I have told you is that you don't need to spend money on ads that is really really huge because they can really suck in so much money on a daily basis and you will be burning out it's so much funny and maybe the results will be next to nil okay but with on style retargeting with optinmonster you don't have to run any ads once you are sending emails through your MailChimp or any service provider you just need to send them a link inside the email which will be then tracked and then once I click the link you can actually design a different offer for the same visitor or the same potential customer okay so optinmonster do try it out they have really good offers and this is a really really good growth hacking technique I have been using this and zoom dot us in fact the video I am recording right now is actually on Zoom dot us and so really really good platform and again it is free you can use it for up to 40 minutes with no charge and for webinar you can actually have hundred participants or for recording you can have absolutely for free for 15 minutes okay so two tools for boosting revenue Zoom dot us and on-site retargeting by optinmonster this is it for this video I will see you in the next video bye for now.

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