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Growth Hacking Lean Marketing Funnel with EXAMPLE

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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello everyone in this video I'm going to talk about the growth hacking lean marketing funnel now as we have discussed there are different stages of lean marketing funnel which starts from acquisition activation retention revenue and referral now each stage has its own value and each stage is actually directly connected to each other which then obviously ultimately the goal is to get revenue and then obviously referral which is also related to generating revenue as well now in this video I will be talking about each of this stage specifically and also I will be going through one case study which we will be talking about Cora and I am sure that you have heard about Cora which is an Q&A; platform online which is very very big platform and we will be talking about that so the lean marketing funnel is one example I will be taking on Quora let's get into it so the very first thing stage is acquisition now acquisition is something that we obviously know a little bit about it which means users come to your site from various channels that means various channels can be anywhere if the potential visitor or potential customer lands up onto your site or onto your landing page that is sort of a part of acquisition okay so you have acquired them from somehow some of the resources now resources can be a CO blocks partnership viral email SEM PR contest or anything like that okay as soon as someone comes to your website it is called the part of these acquisition the next one is activation that means when that potential customer comes to your website he or she needs to maybe you might have seen the lure of website forms or signup forms where people will just fill in their details like email address and their name and that becomes the part of activation now it is very important of growth hacking that once someone is coming to your website they need to be tapped that means you don't want people coming to your website and they're just going away because those are people can be your valuable customers in the near future or right at that moment so having a forum on the website is is something very essential and I will be talking about little bit about that later but once someone comes to your website he or she needs to fill a form and give the details of the email address and maybe their name or their phone number if you like but specifically email address and the name is quite essential so users enjoy the first visit they come to your website they like it and they are looking for something which the information about what they have been looking on online and they'll end up to your website okay that is the second step the third is retention so retention is the part of obviously they go and they come back for example we use Twitter Facebook Instagram and we actually go in and out on a daily basis so that is also a part of retention it should not be like if someone comes to your website and Nevers never come back okay so that is a detention which users come back fourth is referral so referral is something like when people come to your website and they like to be you know giving information to other people or maybe their friends and family and that becomes the referral part users like the product and enough to refer friends okay that is the referral now revenue is where you come you is is the last stage where users do something that leads to you to make money now one when they refer to their friends or family that is can also be a part of revenue it might be possible that people you are referring to they might go and purchase and make a sale okay so these are five five steps of stages acquisition activation retention revenue referral okay and which leads to the sales and which leads to generating revenue for your product or services now let's take a look at the one of the case study and the case study would be we'll be talking about in here is Cora as I said Cora is a very big platform which is a Q&A; you can post your questions and people who are related to that industry or that particular service or product they would actually will reply back and then you will get some relevant information it is like a review so a lot of people might have used some product and they would like to review and give you some information it might be related to anything it is not a particular sector it can be education it can be related to any of the services you might have or you have used any product anything like that so very big platform if you're not using it I would recommend that you create an account it is free and then start getting some traction to your website because that is something very very valuable and you will see it ranks on search engine on Google very very quickly okay so let's see that in action now acquisition let's say the very first step you hear about Cora after your friend post a question from Cora on Twitter or Instagram or wherever on Facebook and then you get to know about it that is part of acquisition okay second is activation after reading the page you decide to create an account and then obviously you like the idea and then you create an account that means when you create the account you give your information about your your email address you give your information about yourself your name last name and the general stuff what we normally for creating an account okay then you have few days let's say the few days goes by and the tape is the retention and you get a weekly digest email with questions and link back to the site so Cora will send you a weekly digest that means we'll have some questions related to what you have actually seen or post and then it will link back to the site that means inside the email you will have links if you click that those questions it will take them back to the chorus site okay that is the part of retention that means they are bringing back to their site fourth is once you're back Cora encourages you to read related questions obviously the same questions which you have been answering or you have been questioning or you've been reading they will then encourage you to read some related questions about that product or services and then you basically obviously if you write that question and if you want you if you respond to that question you would refer through sharing that to through Twitter Facebook Cora and you can share that question and it will go to people who are connected to you on Cora so these are the different stages of Cora right now Cora doesn't make any revenue but it is a good example of how the acquisition activation retention and referral which leads to revenue which is a part of growth hacking lean marketing funnel okay so I hope you would like to actually try it out for your business or you just wanted to have some more you know details about these different or these five steps and you would want to actually do it practically and make it in use so this is a growth hacking for lean marketing funnel I will see you in the next video till then see you later bye for now.

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