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Growth Hacking Examples

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March 11, 2021

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello and welcome to section number four now it is very very important for you to know how LinkedIn Instagram Pinterest uber all of these big unicorns they have started off and what was the growth hacking techniques they have implemented during the initial journey of their startup now from they since they have started they have now become really really huge but there was some of the hack which has actually skyrocketed their business whether it is Airbnb or LinkedIn or uber or Instagram all of these eight case studies I am going to talk how these companies have started what went wrong what went positive what went negative and how these companies have actually scaled such big operations in no time each case study or each example is divided into two parts which is the first one is how they started so there is an infographic which I have researched and I found it online and I think that is going to make lot of difference for you to understand how these big guys have actually made it so far in the second section or the second part of the same video I am going to talk about the actual growth hacking techniques or hacks they have implemented during the initial stages so stay tuned it is going to be very interesting when you come to know how link it in got started and all of these eight companies to be precise so I'm going to talk about LinkedIn over snapchat Pinterest Instagram and so on eight companies hacks and techniques is what I am going to reveal in the next section or in the next video section of series so I am very excited for you to learn these techniques and I am quite interested to show you what is exactly growth hacking for this company meant to be when they started stay tuned I'll see you in the next one bye for now.

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