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Digital Marketing must follow hacks - PART 5

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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series going on to the next two growth hacking techniques arias the first one tests weird CG copy so I'll tell you why it is weird however CTA stands for call to action call to action is something we will talk about here is filling up a form in living your email address is call to action okay so how do we test that and how does that the CTA copy becomes weird I'll tell you that in a minute now in once you fill up the form or the email address here you must have notified like I you must have come across you know the button and most of the buttons would say learn more or sign up or download just days like a little psychological effect to the visitor just to myself if I see that sign up I would relate that to something that I have to pay if it is a download then I am little skeptical about that maybe I don't want to download on my system but if you put like something very like in this case it says I am in and the probability of leaving the email becomes it increases so you can say I am in or something like let's go a very short like maybe a word or two little words you can put in here that increases the hit rate okay so that is something which you need to test and whatever you're offering that needs to relate to that but it has to be very catchy it should entice people to actually go ahead and leave the email address because that is your objective alright so just be weirder for that matter and for example in this case is showing that this is me pyramid Society I am sad why because you haven't confirmed your subscription so what happened is when they're in email marketing or wherever the email is going to go and you know to the database for example I just take MailChimp so if you using MailChimp or any of the email service provider then the email will go in that database now in email marketing we call it I mean this this technical term which is called single opt-in and double opt-in single opt-in is that you don't have you fill in the email and just click I am in and then you get the access to the product or services or ebook or whatever you're offering here but in double opt-in you have to go back to your email address and verify the email okay this is what we are talking about in here that you have not confirmed your subscription so this is double opt-in so difference between the single opt-in and double opt-in primarily is a double opt-in will actually eliminate all the junk emails so if I go here and if it is a single opt-in I can just put any any email I like like I could be XYZ at gmail.com and I hit the button I get what I want to get okay but with double opt-in you have to verify that means that is exactly the email address and that it 10 tickets that it is the right email okay so just look at the the ideology of actually writing this small message however it says confirmed so I am because I am sad because we haven't confirmed the subscription to my free newsletter by clicking the link in your inbox so what happened in here is that the email has gone on to the for verification on the email email address which is provided here in here and then the person or the individual has actually not confirmed or not verify the email address okay so that means I can't send you so there is a little emotional message here that means he is trying to say that hey look you came to my website you are looking for that information I'm really sad that I cannot send that info to you because that's that's what you've been looking for and I don't want to be sad anymore I want to show you how to earn more money and beat the bank so is something related to finance if you go back to your inbox and click the confirmation link so he's again telling the person to go back to the email address and confirm the link then I will send you my best material for free and we can both be happy okay so this is something that you have to keep on you know experimenting another example is is Groupon which is actually they are relating to Ferrari and so these are the I'm not gonna read or the the whole message here but the ideology here is that you need to be weirder and you need to be because you need to get the email address of people so how you can do that is a very small small hack but it works if you change the you know the call to action button signup button or whichever button you are putting in and you make that really really enticing or you you know entice people to click that link that button then you will see the number of people put in their email address as well okay now these the other second technique is use contrasting color for your CTA now this is something which I have actually learned that color actually plays a very important role in especially on your website and how people actually you know engage with you it depends quite a little or a lot on colors because the colors of your website inside your website it is something which actually people are looking at because there's no one to talk to them so there is no physical interaction happening so the colors are something that which needs to stand out so let's look at some of the examples here first example is so if you see this one this one so this is our story this is button here a very light one this one is you can see the sign-up button which is in orange so our orange color I have experience that it actually highlights it it stands out but depending again if you have you know not a white background if you have a different background and doesn't match with orange it might be a green button so let's say in this case it is the background is blue and the button color is green so the moment I go to this page it is exactly actually my you know I'm getting more straightaway coming to this clean color because this is the only color which stands out out of the whole page let's look at this one now this is more or less you know when you see this page again I actually see submit button naturally because this is highlighting and it is the way it has been set or it has been placed here alright so these are the some techniques like sounds or it looks little how do you say looks little very common or but it has a lot of value and you will see if you apply all these these small little hacks it will actually will make a lot of difference and you will see that the growth is actually will be exponentially so coming back to these two tips we talked about talking about the first one which case the the text which goes here and then we are talking about the color of that particular button which are putting on your sign of form okay this is it for this video I will see you in the next video next coming up another - cool really techniques bye for now see you soon.

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