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Growth Hacking Example 2 - DROPBOX

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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello everyone in this video we are going to talk about Dropbox our Dropbox is a cloud file sharing and storage company where you can store your file and share for your business and it is quite good I quite use this and if you have used it obviously you know but if you have not tried it you can try it they have 30 days free trial ok it is founded by Drew Houston and they have a co-founder whose name is Arash Ferdowsi now the story goes on like this as in we as you can see in the infographic that true Houston graduated degree in computer science and then he was working for startups GQ bit annoying and accolade and it was launched by accident when he forgot a USB Drive so he thought ok why didn't we put that on the cloud then he met Josh who is the co-founder and also an MIT dropped out then the Dropbox was actually launched in June 2007 7 headquartered in San Francisco California and also interestingly they have rejected the buying offer from Steve Jobs at some stage and because they wanted to create a very big company now in here where the interestingly it says Steve Jobs wanted to destroy it Dropbox that is quite interesting I'm not sure why however they have some issues in China it was unblocked in 2014 and then dropped again in June 2014 so why I am relating this to all these information is that the hurdles and the struggles company has to go through and how during these stages they would have done something or they have come up with something which we are now actually talking about which is grow hacking okay Dropbox is now extensively available in 19 languages that is really really huge and 200 countries I mean you can imagine how big that can be it has also been called one of throning best startups of Silicon Valley and 1 billion files saved every day that is a very huge number and it has 45 million users in 175 countries ok so this is more or less about how Dropbox has started in the next video increasingly we are going to talk about the hack which they have actually implemented and they have worked on a very very specific referral system which I will be talking about in the next video thanks for joining bye for now.

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