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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hi there so let's talk about Dropbox growth hack now Dropbox has been doing traditional marketing in the initial days and that wasn't working and they were spending $300 to acquire a customer that means to get a customer for a $99 service a customer will come and pay $99 for the same customer they were spending $300 that is about three times more so obviously the revenue was there was no profit and they what they were collecting was just draining out okay activating customers was a key to paying accounts and the asset had a very low marginal cost to give of it now this is the insight which we I mean I'm talking about is specifically doing the initial things but what did they do is the hack here is they work on two different systems one is the referral system which has worked in their favor the second one is the gamification I will talk about in both in in the coming slides but let's stop let's see what hack they have so giving away free space in exchange of word-of-mouth referrals that is a referral system and giving away free space in exchange of activation so someone activate the account then they will also get free space now Dropbox is this place of file sharing in storage so the more space we have you have you can store more that is the ideology okay so let's go and see their invitation or the gamification process now gamification is again a very fun way to actually attract your potential lead or customer in a very you know like you know what Dropbox it so you can see that what they did they have like five steps and they have created five steps and each step has actually have seven steps just showing in here and as soon as you do the first step then you would get some reward in this key obviously getting free you know space now the very first step is says take the brach top box store okay very simple it will take about two to three minutes once you do that install Dropbox on your computer that's the second step put files in your Dropbox folder fourth step install Dropbox on other computers you use share a folder with friends or colleagues invite some friends to join Dropbox and the last one install Dropbox on your mobile device now as you can see it is not a very rocket science you could do that like just in a day or two if you are quick enough and this is something like most of the things which you could do on your system once you do this all these steps you actually get more and more space alright as you can say there is a notification here you has four steps away from 200 MB bonus all right so this is the gamification system if you are something if you if you are in dealing in business in some areas like this like Dropbox you can actually create the gamification process and I am sure that it will work and you can get more customers or potential leads convert that into customers as well okay the referral system which is the again the second way of their getting customers and activation now once you land up onto the landing page you will see invite your friends keep Dropbox even though Dropbox for teams uses stone own extra space from referrals they making it very clear but you can still help spread the word about Dropbox okay now what you could do is is very very clean and I can see a very good you know UI of the page it says invite by email you can simply invite your contacts Gmail AOL Yahoo etc you can invite emailed rest and then they can send the invites it will go automatically you can invite friends on social media which is on Facebook or Twitter so they're leaving no stone that you know either maybe just invite by email but they have given options to invite by email invite email addresses and also social media what tends to happen in the customer or the person who would you know get who want to invite get if we can give them more options there is a high probability that obviously they will go ahead and choose one of these options okay that is the invitation or this is the again a referral system you can create for is one of the very very you know growth hacking technique which lured and lots of companies are using and have used and they have been really really successful okay so Dropbox and that is the growth hacking technique for Dropbox that is it so at the end the result they had 2.8 million direct referral invites in April 2010 in September 2008 the service had a hundred thousand listed users and in 15 months they had service gone up to like skyrocketing and the most interesting part which I like is there is no traditional and spent now you might be aware of the traditional ad spend can code you really really into millions and you can just have no measurable aspect to it that means you can you spend but you don't know where the money is flowing so no traditional spend which is a great idea and obviously have growth hacking technique which they have implemented is referral system and gamification all right that is it for this case study I will now see you in the next one a very interesting one coming up stay tuned bye for now.

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