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Digital Marketing must follow hacks - PART 9

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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series welcome back in this video I am going to discuss another two really cool techniques the first one is add bonuses to your offerings what does that mean that means if you have a product and you give a bonus or a freebie or a discount in this case we're talking about the bonus specifically you're giving something for free has a higher perceived value than the same two products bundled together so let's take a look what people would prefer they would prefer this that means you're giving them dollar 1 and then you're giving free so you're giving cookies free to this which is this so if you're giving dollar 1 both the product then it is less valuable than this because we love freebies don't we so because we have something comes for free it is sort of an internal satisfaction to everyone around the globe in fact and it works out more then you bundle the product together like this ok so it has a as it says here it has more perceived value than the same two products bundled together ok so keep that in mind the next video or the next technique is I'm going to talk about is upsell and down cell so what is an upsell and down sell I'll give you a very perfect example of this and Amazon does this quite well when someone is ready to buy item X they are much likely to buy item Y for example on Amazon if I go and buy a Playstation it will be a pop up at the bottom frequently put together the last which you buy some other accessories like remote control in this case or a CD and then it doesn't stop actually there will be another one so as I'm going through this it will be a pop up because the console has protection plans it will ask me to buy a protection plan as well and also at the at the at the end you will see this pop up that means is selling Prime membership Amazon has a Prime membership and that has actually given them a really really good success and lots and not so I think millions of people have become Prime member and then so the the ideology here is that you give something like you you buy if they buy something X so you give them the option to buy item Y and something like this you could do you can even pop up Amazon does it all three together so at some stage and especially this one this one will pop up because that is their prime goal to sell the Prime membership alright so these are the the all together that's the section tips and techniques on growth hacking I'm sure that you would have enjoyed this section I have quite enjoyed teaching this section and I will now see you in the next one till then you take care bye for now.

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