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Digital Marketing must follow hacks - PART 1

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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hi there in this section I'm talking 18-plus must follow growth hacking techniques and some pro tips including also some growth hacking tools now these 18 must follow two rotating techniques it might become little overwhelming so what I have done is I have divided them into smaller sections that means each video of this section will have to must follow growth hacking techniques so this the whole section is divided into nine different videos and each video will have to must follow techniques so 18 must follow techniques divided into nine different parts ok so let's talk about growth hacking very interesting I am quite sure that you will not even learn but you will be surprised to see some of these tech the techniques and would want to implement that in your business profession or career ok so very first form as you can see is measure happiness as you say happiness we are talking about happiness in this case is not the happiness what you do it you know get normally on a day-to-day but we are talking about happiness of your customers or your potential leads or anyone associated in your network who has or who would be using your product or service and how do you do that there is something called Net Promoter Score it is also called NPS now in order to measure the happiness it's very very important and crucial for every company in business once you start acquiring your user base and you user base is increasing it is quite important to actually know the user feedback and the best way one of the best way to actually measure that is through Net Promoter Score okay as you can see one example here how likely are you and our company to a friend or colleague I'm sure you have come across this many times maybe you have filled this but Net Promoter Score will actually help you in getting to know the insights of your existing users so that so that you can actually you know create more refined strategy and get more user base the problem with the businesses who are just starting up or star as a start-up is the scalability now you might go and do you know whole lot of marketing and you are working like you know nuts and bolts but and you you you might get few hundreds of users but we are talking about the startup to become an unicorn and and the scalability is important factor so from those 100 users how do you make ten thousand users and then from there you to make millions of users for that you need to have some insights and data and those data can be collected through this as I said Net Promoter Score is where you measure the happiness of your customer if they are really really happy then it might be a good sign if they're not happy then it might be a sign of some you know changes or some alterations to your product which in the both case is really really good because even if I get let's say a score of one two or three but I I know that there is some Corrections and I would actually ask my users to let me know what is the correction I can do but if I get like eight nine or ten then it is like really good but if you take as the average that is what you need to work on but Net Promoter Score is highly efficient and important for your business in order to measure happiness of your customer as a feedback two popular tools to use this is cholera and promoter you can go to the site and actually go through how which one of these would be relevant and easier as which one is user-friendly and you can use ease Quadra and promoter promoter dot io all right now protein the very you might be wondering how to measure happiness in how to get the promoters now promoters are all around you people who are working with you as a colleague and people who are in your network people who are in your Facebook Twitter account Instagram and LinkedIn you can actually ask them to share and ask the promoters to share what you're offering so in this case want to get paid or to refer your friend friends join one month ambassador program today so you have to come up with something and related to what you are selling or you want to sell which is which has to be lucrative and people should actually be looking out for it so in this case they are giving you know one month ambassador program and there might be it might be a possibility that people are wanting to join the messenger program and that's how they want to promote and they are asking them to share okay that is the first one moving on to the second one create more landing pages now when I say landing pages landing pages obviously on your website and the MOL adding pages is more not only for search engine optimization it's like a more you know visibility if you go into a little bit more detail let's talk about that companies with 10 plus landing pages gets fifty five percent of more signups now you might be wondering why do you create landing pages like if you don't have ten plus products then then it is really you know yeah something to think about if you have multiple products then I would recommend that you create each landing page for that particular product okay more landing page just it is just you know something like which you need to keep that in mind that more landing pages more visibility more traffic and more you know potential leads coming into you.

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