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Growth Hacking Tools for Customer Activation (Stage 2)

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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello everyone in this video let's talk about growth hacking tools for customer activation the very second step of lean marketing funnel now if you want to activate your new customers knowing what's working for your existing ones it's a smart strategy that's where analytics tool like Google Analytics which is obviously free to sign up with and it is most widely used that's not just because it's free it is also because you can get in-depth data on your visitors their behavior and conversions to drive more traffic okay now once you sign up for free if you haven't already done that you will get a code of for you to actually get this activated and verify your domain name that means your website domain name it will be verified and then there's a piece of code which goes on to the head of your website and then this analytics platform or the analytics code gets activated I'll show you a little bit how to do that once I will take you inside the analytics one of my analytics platform or the account once you sign up at the end of the signing up once you have done that you will get a tracking code which can you can also see that inside your analytics account if you go to admin section and go to this tracking info okay it's a JavaScript tracking info you click tracking code this is the code which you need to place it on to it will say on the head of every page of web page of your website okay now if you're using a wordpress site in WordPress site you can actually there's a lot of plugins one of the plug-in is headed in footer if you install that plug-in and then you can put this code right on the header and then it will get activated once it get activated then you can actually start tracking your website visitors there is a lot of information you can go through all of these in the left-hand side the menu bar and then you can see them on real time you can see the audience you can see the acquisition behavior it is it is a very brilliant tool it is very very in-depth and give you a lot of information about your website visitors okay so that is the first tool for growth hacking tool for customer acquisition the second one is again is very very popular and we know and I'm sure that we are all using it is youtube so is obviously a video platform a search engine for videos if you want your customers to use your product and show them how it is done it is quite necessary that if you use video and YouTube is one of the growth hacking tools now according to one of the marketing stats or video marketing stats not only does video drive leads in sales but YouTube inspires trust plus nearly 80% of consumers would rather watch video then read about a product so just imagine that I am talking about some product and I'm giving you some details just off the line but if I give you a video about that product which you can watch and see I'm actually you can you know imagine that with your naked eye then it will be more trustworthy isn't it so is one of the it's again a free channel you can create your channel if you have not done so you can have a free channel associated with your gmail address every gmail address has a YouTube account comes for free and then you can obviously have your videos uploaded for free into the channel and then you can you know promote that link of your video if it's a product video or anything related to your your business you can then promote that on social media on your blog or new website okay so two tools for growth hacking for customer activation one is Google Analytics free tool and YouTube again free tool for customer activation that's it for this chapter I will see you in the next video bye for now.

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