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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello everyone in this video I am going to discuss the quote hack which Airbnb has implemented relation to create lists so the secret here is Craigslist now Craigslist is a huge platform with lots lots of traffic where actually people can go ahead and you know list their rooms or apartments and so on now what Airbnb did just thinking outside the box nothing to do with like really you know just a small little technique or just a small little CRO that I would say they actually even you know got into the the solution process of great lists now even without an API API is application programming interface it is a technical term but if you're not technical so you don't need to worry about it we just focusing on the growth hacking or the hack which they have you know discovered now what the dead the Airbnb team figure out a way to hack the Craigslist submission process now let us see how actually that happened I have in the other slide I will show you what happened during that process now on Craigslist is supposed to Craigslist it's a very first step once you post to Craigslist you will obviously have to put a fill in these details about the room or the apartment you want to rent and the what happens in the third once you do that you will actually have a notification and from airbnb.com says that it's some message saying that you need to be seeing this warning and you need to keep continuing doing that okay once you do click OK you can see this whatever information you have failed during that initial process of filling the form that has been listed here and that's how the listed goes on now the growth hacking hack in this here is you can see it has result of and due to which they have drove bookings I'm so I'm talking about hundreds and thousands of bookings and as we are discussed in the last video there was a stage when they started off and the scaling was one problem during that stage they have actually implemented this growth hack and they have skyrocket their you know revenue at that stage so that they can get funding and so on so Airbnb and great list has a very you know deep link of their you know success what we see now all right so as a business owner or as even a student or a professional digital marketer it is something that I want to actually you know focus on one thing that growth hacking is to do with thinking outside the box now you might be in different business and you know you know the best of how the business runs during that if you know all these growth hacking techniques what these big companies have implemented the it is for you obviously it's become very easy or it will give you an overview or a little bit of you know you can explore that how you can think from the normal you know activities or exercises you do relates to digital marketing how you can actually discover a growth hack for your own business alright so Airbnb in Craigslist that's what it is I will now see you in the next one very interesting case study case study number two bye for now.

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