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Digital Marketing must follow hacks - PART 8

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January 08, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this video I will show you what is the psychology behind giving coupon codes discount or either free okay as you can see it says remove your coupon field what does that mean is normally you will have a coupon code which you'll distribute to your you know potential customers or within your network and then there will be a landing page where people can come and insert the promo code or coupon code here and then apply the discount now it is quite it has been tested quite well and it has been you know proven as in since that there is a low percentage of people will come with promo code because they tend to forget that there is you know because they have to they they might you know forget the promo code but the promo code is then they have to go to the email and then find the promo code then come back so there is a little bit of process there and to cut down that process the best thing to do is what you do is for example just something like that so all you have to do is you have to create a link with the discount already so as soon as someone clicks the link they get the discount right here alright so it will say your discount 10% has been applied already by default and you too shall fee is this your discount has been applied already and then you create your account okay then this process becomes a little more easier for everyone and then all you have to do is just create the the link with the discount code and then send the link itself so either they land up on this page and this page who do you think that they're going to sign up right there and then okay our goal or the objective is to get this $89 because that is the revenue or that the sale happens only if you give them the discount okay you giving them the discount giving them the promo code then they'll take the promo code and come back here so that process is little bit overwhelming but this one is quite straightforward all you have to do is create a link and then send that link with a discount okay next one is use exit intent pop-ups these ones are initially there was a quite a debate that it actually you know create a little bit of disturbance while people are on your landing page or on your website however with the growth hacking you know techniques it actually is proven quite well in order to convert the abandoned visitors people who are coming to your website and then they went psycho hover the mouse outside like on the top let's say you have been using Google Chrome and you have multiple windows on the top and as soon as you go right there you must have noticed say will be a pop-up comments or something like this or something like this okay there is a pop-up and at the back again this is the original landing page this is called exit intent pop-up and what it does is the abandon visitors who are about to go out it shows them a very lucrative offer or something offer which they cannot deny so this something has to be there has to be a catch it has to be something which let them go and say yes just right here so what will happen two things that they will be repaint onto your website and then straightaway they will go to that particular page what they've been looking for what you have been trying to sell them okay in this case convert your bounce traffic into revenue yes and now again the same you know same psychology have the orange color and then it says yes now know is little bit dull looks dull as compared to yes and we want them to say yes so that's why it's highlighted show me how show me now okay so I will rather tend to click this but there will be small percentage of people who would actually go ahead and click this there would be percentage of people obviously wants to go out of the website they will go anyways but you are actually holding back some of them and then you know you are retaining them so this is a quite of a retention strategy it's called exit intent pop-up okay so this is the one see if your company qualifies for a free interactive demo and these are the three examples of pop up but the the most important part which I want to highlight here is is actually the content which goes here on the pop-up if you're not giving them or the information what they want they will still go out of the page and you know out of your website so in order to reduce that it will reduce 100% it will reduce but again the offer has to be really really lucrative all right so this is it about this video and using exit intent pop-ups and then the psychology behind giving promo code you have to remove your coupon field and give them straightaway the discount so that they come and sign up with no hassles alright I'll see you in the next one next one coming up bye for now.

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