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December 19, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series now we have to define our product or service as you can see it is maintained over there and it also affects our potential audiences as you can see on later so now you have to decide what is your business category generally it takes information from the Google my business site, for example, it is mentioned near plumber but my business category is clothing shop I have already taken it if I want to take a new one I can also take it as the merchandise is too or it can be general store yeah but I wanted to be clothing store so I will remove it and here my potential audience size increases now here it is mentioned what a specific products or services do you want to promote in design we will show you are an ad to people searching for similar items on Google the specific products in clothing shops we can give as t-shirts jeans and women's fashion clothes okay and you can add on and on and off so there are known them it's but let it be three for this time and there are more suggested for you such as sorry children clothes from a man for my children swimwear maternity is cool uniforms so it is better you can see more over here so this is the and yeah one more thing is which language do you want to advertise in English or there are any native the language you follow you can choose it and at last, we can see our potential audience sizes increase so let's move out.

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