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Adding Images and Logos to Ad

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December 19, 2019

This the course is brought to you by Appy pie as part of our Academy series I have now let's move ahead and add images to our ad and here you can see click on your ad go to admin the summer collection your ad will be redirected to with business website, so it will it, is yours that that on which he will be redirected he or she to click on next add images to your ad although it is optional but we should add images to our add to make it a display ad you studied about the display at sir chat and video ads to make it a display act so add images you can upload images from your desktop or laptop but we can also go to stock images and 22 of these images also now this is a display it is not and only like so there's someone go to the image preview option fashion 20 clothes inexpensive clothes for children's 40% discount on all products visit us and here is the business you can also see more immediate formats like this one is fashion trendy clothes here your business name is also there but it doesn't mean it doesn't matter as the business is coming and the last but here description is not there so I did not recommend this and it is also a good one so let it be and move ahead.  

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