How to Get Feedback From a Target Audience - Learn Online

Listen to Thousands of People From Your Target Audience

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December 13, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series in this video you're gonna learn how to listen to thousands of people at once using the online observer technique and this is such a cool and underutilized thing that we can do to utilize the power of the Internet to truly listen and understand our target market so we're using the power of online marketplaces to specifically learn about your target market so these online marketplaces are where the people in your niche are already hanging out and already having conversations online and what we're gonna do is we're gonna go to these forums go to where your niche market is leaving reviews and just read what they're saying we're listening by reading and by doing this we're gonna truly understand what our target market is struggling with and how we can best help them and there are two main reasons that we do this so the first one is we're learning about our customers pain points instead of guessing what pains our customers are experiencing in our niche or the customers in our target market we can hear it directly from them they're writing out what they're struggling with they're describing how it feels to struggle with that thing they're talking to other people about their pain and you'll notice that if there's a common pain point that a lot of people in your target market are experiencing you're gonna find that out very quickly because over and over again people are going to be posting about it or they're gonna be mentioning it in their reviews so we can learn so much so quickly doing this method and we don't even have to get on the phone with anyone because I know that can be very uncomfortable for a lot of people and the second reason that we do this is we can copy and paste our customers language into a word document that we can use to write the first draft of our sales copy in the now when I learned about this method it blew my mind it completely changed the game for me because before how I would use to write copy and how most of us write copy is we start with a blank Word document just that intimidating white screen and after talking to our target market we then have to come up with something in our head and type it out guessing what it is our customers want and how they want to be communicated that so in other words we have to come up with the language and the words ourselves with our best guess of what our customers our target market one but what's such a more effective and easy solution to write the first draft of your copy is to copy and paste language directly from these online forums and these online marketplaces and then piece it together like a puzzle to make our first graph of our copy and then we edit they're our own customers language and turn that into the sales letter or into the email whatever it is we're creating so don't worry as we go on throughout this course I'm going to show you exactly what this process looks like but the main thing that I want you to take away at this point is this is another huge added benefit that we get by going to these online marketplaces when we find our customers or target market speaking directly to the deepest pains that they're experiencing we want to copy that language without changing it at all and just paste it into a Word document and that is going to become so useful for us when it comes time to actually write our copy and we're also going to be using their language to write the headlines which is like the subject line to the emails we write or the title of our book or whatever the headline is it's going to become way easier to write when we can use our customers language as inspiration here are some of my favorite online marketplaces to go and we're gonna walk through me actually going through these online marketplaces in a future video but feel free to use your imagination here anywhere where people from your niche or target market are gathering online is a great place to go to get and listen to some of their language but I like to look at reviews on other younameit courses going to the Amazon Kindle bookstore and reading the reviews there is another great place to get this information browsing comments on reddit if there's a subreddit specific to your niche is an awesome place to go and then you can just google search for the most popular forums and blog comments that are specifically about your topic in this video you learned about the online observer technique.

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