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Mini Mission: Create a Customer Avatar

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December 13, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series in this video you're getting your next mini mission which is to create a customer avatar now don't go ahead and skip this video because when you actually complete this mini mission you're going to be reinforcing all the things that you've learned so far in this module and on top of that which is the most important thing you're going to be increasing your confidence and your ability to write copy so even if you believe that you're not going to be using customer avatars in the future when you write copy I still encourage you to try it at least once and see how it feels so what we're gonna do is you're gonna think about the people in your target audience that you listen to in the previous module so remember you did that exercise where you're the online observer going to where that target audience hangs out well now you're gonna create a customer avatar sheet for that target audience so don't worry about getting it perfect this exercise is uncomfortable because you have to make assumptions now what I noticed in my experience and I've heard other people share this in their experience is the online observer technique is a lot easier because you don't have to make any assumptions all you have to do is browse these websites and copy and paste customer language into a word document but this is the first time where you actually have to take guesses where you're not sure whether or not that's 100% true as you fill out the customer worksheet you're going to be using the information that you found doing the online observer technique as the source of that information so you're making educated guesses but at the same time there's no way to know a hundred percent for sure that everything you put in this customer avatar worksheet is correct and I'm saying this because that's where the uncomfortableness comes in believe me I feel this even on new projects when I write a customer avatar worksheet after doing it I want a lot I still get uncomfortable and it's important that we keep pushing through this discomfort no matter how big or small it is because it's okay to make mistakes it's okay if our assumptions aren't perfect and the most important thing is just do the best that you can and you're already gonna be ahead of 99% of the people writing copy out there with no customer avatar so even if your minds like you're doing this all wrong you're not making the best guesses about the customer avatar why are you writing this you don't know for sure you can't say that just trust that by going through this process no matter what your copy is going to be much better because of it so pause this video now and don't move on until you've completed this mini mission congratulations you've just completed the mini mission of creating your customer avatar worksheet that's awesome so cool and now you have this tool in your tool kit for the rest of your life that you're writing copy in this video you completed the mini mission of creating a customer avatar.

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