YouTube hack to increase Fiverr sales

The YouTube hack to increase Fiverr sales

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July 22, 2020

Video Transcription: I want to show you a really cool hack on how to get promote your other products in your uh profile page so this is my profile page when i'm not logged in right this video is brought to you by  Appy Pie’s Academy and you have a little bio blurb right um you can so you're not allowed to link to your website you're not allowed to link anywhere like that but you can actually link to your youtube channel here i don't and before you do contact udemy sorry contact uh fiverr support to make sure that it's still allowed because their terms of service might have changed and it's a little bit of a gray area thing so you certainly don't risk getting penalized but ask them because usually what you were able to do is add a link to your youtube account okay and on your youtube account you can tell people about all of your products not just fiverr right so you can tell them about your business your other consulting maybe a book you wrote a course you made an app you made anything else you made whatever service you offer um right and get them to subscribe to youtube which is basically you know um a way for you to sort of reach out to them and again and again whenever you make new videos if they subscribe to you on youtube so this is a really good way to grow your youtube sell more products and actually funnel people in other ways additionally look what i do here look at the text here expert in mobile app startups and then i use i say created problemio apps people are like oh what what is that right but problemio is such a unique brand there's no other thing that's named problemio and they'll go in the app store because it says apps and they'll actually look up my apps and sometimes i'll just get my apps so there's other up ways to upsell your other products um with your profile page on fiverr and this is a highly visited page because people want to learn about you who you are um so that they can decide whether to buy your gig or not so that's one kind of a hack um to get more sales more exposure and get people to become better clients of yours.

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