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Different types of Facebook content

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January 21, 2020

Okay welcome to 3.2 I'm gonna quickly go over the different types of Facebook content that Facebook allow you to share through your page it's really important to understand because when I go through our Facebook strategies later you know the differences between the content and what the differences actually mean when you post it there are four main categories of updates that you can post you can post a facebook status a photo you can post an album which is more than one photo or you can post a video let's break them down individually when you post a status it's a hundred percent text this is one from South Park and it's it's a great status have a look at this one and try and replicate that to something relevant to you very interactive it's finish this quote and I leave a blank line but as you can see the status is a hundred percent text and nothing else this one here is a status with a link so it looks like an image or a youtube video but it is actually it is actually a link to Sunny Leone's YouTube channel and what Facebook do is they give you a preview so they give you an image preview and a brief summary below that image of the link so as you can see the text up the top is the normal status sunny has added a link below this and it is turned into a preview so when you click that picture all the text below its gonna link to her YouTube channel so this is sunny again sunny leone so sunny again has made an update this time it's an image now though looks similar to the status with the link if you click this image this time it's not taking you anywhere it's not linked to an external website it is gonna just create a bigger image in a lightbox over this as you can see you can also add text to these images so she wrote overwhelmed by all the love and then added the image below that here is an album posted by friends so as you can see it says season six is the album name and it has 31 photos inside Facebook have given a preview of four photos with one large photo at the top this is a facebook album and it's it's great for interaction I'll get into that a little bit later but the difference between an ovum and a photo is an album is just more than one photo lastly is a video Will Smith has posted a video of himself the video is hosted on Facebook as opposed to YouTube where the video would be a link when you update it so Facebook hosts this video themselves and he has a title I want to start 2014 off right and a video of him skydiving so they're the four main Facebook categories of content let's break them down and see what each one is good for.

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