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Top 3 Facebook engagement strategies

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March 08, 2021

Awesome guys welcome to three point five the top three engagement strategies for your Facebook updates once again engagement increases views and views increase engagement it's an awesome cycle to take advantage of and get your page seen by as many people as possible so here's an overview of the top 3 strategies to use to encourage more engagement on your updates the first is call to action second is evoking curiosity and the third is the news jacking let's have a look at them individually so a call to action for those unfamiliar is when you ask your user or reader to take a specific action such as answering a question liking your status commenting on your status or clicking a link that you provide here's an example from my achieve greatness page I wrote what is your favorite motivational quote comment so I've one ask the question so the court action is to leave a motivational quote and I've encouraged this court action with a comment or a call to action itself being comment this increases the amount of people who comment on this status as opposed to me just posting the picture by itself so I personally receive consistently better results when I end my post with an explicit call to action such as like if you agree or comment as you saw in the past slide however Facebook do suggest against using these colder actions and they do say that they will lower your visibility based on them but if you want to avoid using these you can use a more subtle call-to-action that still encourage engagement on a lower level by asking simple questions here are a few examples so you could ask at the end of your status what do you think would you ever do this maybe put a picture of somebody skydiving or something different something fun have you ever experienced something like this is another great one or any subtle question that gets the person asking this question to themselves and therefore more likely to write it in the comments I'm gonna go through a few advanced call to action strategies which are really useful in lots of engagement on your statuses so here's a tag someone strategy it's as you can see in the left tag someone with a nice bump they have a photo of a girl with a nice bum and what people are inclined to do are to tag their friends who they think have a nice butt this does two things this increases the interaction on your Facebook update and it also gets the attention of the person that is tagged by their friend and they now see your page and your specific update and are more likely to like your page as well the one on the right is another example of this it's tagged someone who inspires you it also creates a dialect on the comments section where the person who is tagged replies back to the person who tagged them one thing to note here is to make sure tag settings are enabled in your settings of your Facebook page for this to work a photo comparison is another great advanced strategy so here they have two players and they comment on the right is most likely to be the NFL Defensive Player of the Year like if you think it's Vaughn Miller or comment if you think it's JJ what as you can see they got 21,000 people liking this and I'm not sure how many comments but a lot of comments voting for JJ what so they use the use comments and likes as a voting system which of course gets a lot of comments and likes and appears to be on Facebook as a highly interacted with status a riddle is another great one really simply just ask a riddle and you get people answering in the comments spot the difference can be great because you can Center it around your business or your industry if you sell Sporting Goods have a sporting goods spot the difference and people will be commenting the differences and even sharing this with their friends based around your brand and your industry the second engagement strategy is visual curiosity so visual curiosity is evoking in the desire to know more within your audience using photos or video or even links here is an example I saw this in my newsfeed and it reads next time someone tells you to be afraid of the Sharks show them this it has a funky looking picture that is cut off and really hard to distinguish it gets you curious what should be what should we be more afraid of than sharks and what is this crazy-looking thing that looks sort of like a hippo but I'm not a hundred percent sure I'm pretty sure I personally clicked on this one just to see what it was and again I click is interaction and Facebook will therefore increase your exposure the more clicks you get here's another one that I clicked on this was on my mobile app I took a screenshot for it's from a page called 360 and as you can read it says if your girlfriend looks like this it shows a photo of a generally attractive female and everybody's always curious what is the joke yeah what is the second line of this meme so you're more likely to click on this and you're even more likely to share this with your friends to get them in on the joke as well what the by clicking this and finding out what that second line is you have increased the interaction of this update and it'll therefore increase its global interactions and your affinity with this page and it'll be seen by more and more people for those of you who are actually curious about what that second line is I've added it here for you just so you don't go crazy newsjacking is the third strategy so news checking is essentially reactive storytelling which is the idea of taking a current news story and combining it with a relevant brand or marketing message here are a few examples some Mashable have shared this link for one of their blog posts they did on Howard ramas who sadly passed away but they share a link of eight of his classic film moments in helping to remember his career at this time this incident is present on people's minds and people can relate to it and they're more likely to interact with posts that are relevant to that here are Mashable doing it again with the with the Winter Olympics in Russia people have been watching the Olympics and they're familiar with it and they know that it's a popular talking point at the moment that the Olympics were on so they post articles and status updates relevant to that to make sure they get the most engagement possible so another example of this is Walmart they posted this around Valentine's Day they wrote say be mine with one of these gifts it's actually as you can see a photo album with a total of four photos four different gifts ideas people know Valentine's coming up people like Valentine's Day they're more likely to interact with this relevant photo and gift idea so they're the three top engagement strategies test them out try them out see what's the best for your page and continue to get better and better results.

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