Introduction to Review & Facebook Insights

Module 6: Introduction and Contents 

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January 21, 2020

Hello guys welcome to module six I'm really really glad that you made it this module is about reviewing and adapting insights to make sure we repeat the behavior that is giving a success on Facebook and eliminate the behavior or at least reduce it it's not getting us the results that we want let me read you the contents for this module 6.1 I'm going to give you an outline of what Facebook Insights are and the structure the Facebook provide for you to view these insights six points to I'll break down this structure into exactly how to interpret understand what your insights actually mean and which ones are important and finally to round out the module and the course six point three will be creating insight action steps from the data that Facebook supply you with in your insights let's get into it guys congratulations again for making it this far and I'll see you in six point one.

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