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Leverage Existing Customers

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January 21, 2020

Awesome guys welcome to 4.4 leveraging existing customers so what I want to teach you here is how to use people who are already interested in your business and get them onto your Facebook page so you can reach them in more places than one so first off don't ever assume that people know your Facebook page exists there are a lot of people who I follow on Twitter or I'm part of the email list for yet I'm unaware that they have a Facebook page until I see one of their tweets or one of their emails asking me to like their Facebook page so I'm gonna go through a couple of strategies to help integrate your entire fan base in to your fan page on Facebook the first if you have a Twitter account it's great to schedule a tweet and let people on tour that know that you also have a Facebook fan account that they can like and follow you on here are a few examples that I came across there just really simple and really friendly that just like us on Facebook and find out about today's sale is the one from the Salvation Army and the thing to take away is they offer value when they tweet if you do have a Twitter account you're probably already familiar with HootSuite if you're not this is the best way this and buffer calm that's be you double f er com these are the best ways to schedule a tweet you can schedule at once a week and just have the same message offering a little bit of value and asking for your fans to like you on Facebook the second strategy I use is broadcasting an email so people who are already signed up and told you that they're interested in all your updates on your email list some of them don't know you have a Facebook page so the way to ensure that people who have voluntary subscribed to email updates are aware of your Facebook page is to is to make sure you include your Facebook page on the email so you can do this either directly by sending them out an email dedicated to your new Facebook fan page offering a little bit of value and asking for them to follow and like you or you can do this indirectly by just attaching your Facebook page into your normal emails or even just having the Facebook icon down the bottom of the email with a link to your page third strategy is advertising on your website so most likely you have already seen people advertising social media integrated on their website there's a lot of different ways to do this you can have the Facebook icons like you see above you can have the simple Facebook like button as you see on the right here on or we can have a full facebook like box I'm gonna show you where to go to set this up on your website so you can put this on your own website and direct traffic that is going to your web pages and let them know that you have a Facebook page that they can follow on lastly if you have a physical location like a brick-and-mortar store you can advertise in your store here are a few examples that I put together as you can see every single example offers value remember that people aren't gonna like your page unless they know you and trust you and want to show support they're not gonna like your page unless they get value out of it so might be a discount it might be a little freebie or might even be just to enter a competition remember to trade that value for a like so I do have one more strategy for you and is to include your Facebook page on your business cards it's not uncommon these days that you see someone with their vanity URL remember to claim that and they put that on their business card so it's really easy for people who define them and follow them in a face-to-face meeting a great little strategy and remember every little strategy counts towards our total goal.

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