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Creating Facebook Insights Action Steps

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January 21, 2020

Guys welcome to 6.3 creating insight action steps for your Facebook page so what this is this is really simple I've included a questionnaire in the next segment that I usually give my clients to help them ask the right questions in order to give themselves the right answers on how to progress and what the next steps are in their Facebook page so there's six questions they're pretty straightforward but they're here to help optimize your future actions by helping you determine what content is best to post and why it'll involve you're looking through your insights and being able to come up with answers to these questions what I suggest is I suggest you write these down or download a copy of them and ask yourself every so often so it might be every week might be every two weeks or it might be every month but what you need to do in order to fully have your page optimized to achieving your goals and quickest time possible once you get to a thousand next door might be $10 to get to these goals and the quickest time possible you need to make sure that you are posting the right content that gets the highest engagement which is essentially the content that your fans want to see the most awesome guys I'll let you get into the quiz enjoy it and I'll see you on the other side.

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