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Connect in Relevant Facebook Groups 

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January 21, 2020

Excellent we've made into four point seven which is connect in relevant Facebook groups so what is a Facebook group Facebook group is a place for group communication for people to share their common interests and express their opinions there were groups for pretty much every interest in every opinion so they're going to be hundreds and thousands of them relevant to your industry or business so let me rephrase what a group actually is in relation to the benefit it gives your Facebook page so groups actually provide you a target audience who have shown interest in your business industry and they are all available for you to access in one place it's pretty crazy how convenient this is for you so once again people who you know are interested in your business and your industry all their together in one group for you to access here's an example this is a screenshot from a photography group and as you can see I've highlighted in the right-hand side this group has 62,000 members who all like photography if you are a photographer I ran a photography company there are about 10 of these groups of this size or bigger that you have access to so when you're a member of a group like this you can literally write something on their wall and a significant amount of these members will see your post what does this mean it means use this space to offer value and subtly advertise your page I'm gonna show you a quick video of how this works awesome so I'm here at my home page on and I'm gonna show you how to find relevant groups for your fan page to advertise in so there's two ways to this the first is you simply type group's name and then enter your keyword that you want to search I'm gonna type Fitness so here you can see Facebook have returned the results of all the groups with Fitness in their name or their description so to join a group simply click join and your request has been sent to the group and what this means is you'll need one of these members to approve you before you're a member of this group this approval will go through ninety-five percent of the time and then once you remember you can simply click on that group and you'll be able to post on the wall of the group here in front of 11,000 members remember the thing I want to stress once more time is make sure you offer value and interact with people in this group don't just sell them your page ask them questions find out more about themselves and then you'll be able to build a relationship and a connection and they'll be more inclined to support your business and like your page the second way to do this the second way to find groups which I find is much more effective because as you can see here there's a lot of foreign and it's very small groups is you simply type your keyword and then come down here this come down here to see more results for fitness and what happens is it will give you all results so you want to come up and filter by groups now you have all the groups once again with Fitness in their name I find this most of the time returns better results it turns better results but they're going to be thousands of groups here for you to join and potentially advertise and build your customer base up from so I've now signed in to my other account just to show you what it looks like when you're a member of a group so I'm gonna come down here to my groups I'm a member of a few Twitter groups this is because I had a Twitter product on I wanted to advertise to people who expressed interest in Twitter so I came into these groups and I probably won't be able to find my own post but what and I got about 20 students to my you to me course just by posting it in a relevant group so obviously I'm a member of this group and as you can see the interface has changed I now have access to these 13,000 people and I can write on that wall and a majority or a significant amount of these people will be able to see my post.

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