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Choosing your Facebook page name

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January 21, 2020

All right two point three your page name this is gonna be a simple one but it is critical that you get this right because it'll be the most seen element on your entire Facebook page so how do you choose your page aim and how do you know what's right it's very simple I highly highly suggest you just simply use your business or product name don't over complicate things just use your business name of your business or your product name if you're a product let's have a look at some examples so here are GoDaddy and Walmart and as you can see they just use their business names as their page names alternatively if you are a website you can use your top-level domain included in your page am as a lot of people do and it helps people navigate to your website so an example is your product name comm here is who's their top level domain comm as part of their name and Australia com also use it as you as you can realize if it was just Australia it would give a lot different vibe than it being Australian com is now you know we're talking about this website and not just the country so if your business name is arbitrary or difficult to understand or potentially confusing it's very beneficial to use your slogan or a short simple description to help people understand exactly what your business or product is here is an example of that this is college lacrosse the video game so instead of being college lacrosse 2010 people are gonna relate that to the actual college lacrosse league so they had to specify with a slogan or a short description the video game so people know that they're not talking about the league and lastly if you are a location-based business such as a restaurant or a hotel you can use your location in your in your of your page such as The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a hotel in Las Vegas and now people understand where it is.

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